Easy, Quick and Fun Cold Calling

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Sincere apologies if this has already been covered.

Many years ago I was selling advertising space, it was all done by cold calling.

Here was my technique.

I wrote a 30 second script that went something like this -

Me -"Hi, I'm Steve, from XYX media and we bring you Benefit...Benefit...Benefit... would this be of interest to you?

Client - No!

Me - That's fine, sorry for troubling you, I'll let you get on with your day...Click

Although I could, I never dealt with any objections, it was low stress and no pressure.

I just moved on to the next call.

I kept stats - it took around 100 calls to get an "Yes I am interested." And I got the sale. And earned $200.00.

So, all the people who said "No" actually earned me $2.00.

Because I had to call 100 people to get that sale. It varied a bit but that was the average.

Now the interesting "twist." I kept notes of all the "No's" and called them back 6 weeks later.

Same pitch. A few remembered my initial "low pressure" call and lo and beyond some were now interested and bought. Even some of the ones who didn't remember my 1st call were now interested and bought.

The brilliant thing - "cold calling" was fun, I gave every call my best 30 second pitch - never worrying about a "No" because it earned me $2.00.

There was absolutely no emotional strain I was happy to call all day.

And continually sold more Ads than the others who spend ages desperately trying to deal with objections and all the hassle and torment.

After 8 hours I was refreshed, happy with a bundle of sales - the others were drained, exhausted with far less sales.

The upshot is when you're cold calling your only looking for the hot shot prospects. It's gets you sales much faster. Just politely ignore the rest.

Hope this helps everyone who is hitting the phone.

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    This is pretty how much how I built my business.

    The only difference is how much you make per sale. Which is actually really critical, because you will either be making $200-$300 per sale or $1000-$2000 every 100 or so calls!

    Eg. I used to cold call and sell sites for $500, now I do it for a minimum of $1300.

    Up your prices!
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    Great way at looking at something negative ( rejection ), and turning it to something positive. I remember John Durham saying that every NO gets you closer and closer to a YES.

    Nice job man. I will definitely keep this in mind next time i'm cold calling
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  • @pay - yes the higher the prices you more you make (in my Ad sales days the average commission for the space we were selling was $200.00).

    @merk - yes, true selling is not the "selling game" it's the "rejection game". Or to be less severe "It's a numbers game."

    Because if we're going to make big money in sales - we have to play the numbers. Knowing we have to call X number of people to get a sale and be rejected by most of them.

    It's no problem.

    Because each time it happens we automatically make money - providing we keep calling more people.

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    • Yes , this exactly what my team leader told me when I was selling insurance policies in my uni times.
      No pressure , no hardselling , no stress and no burning energy.
      And I don`t really remember if I ever was able to convert a "not interesed" person to "interested".
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  • @small business - bang on, you nailed it.

    If someone is just "not interested" then agree with them!

    Yes, I know a high pressure sales person will insist they can be "turned around" it takes ages, often becomes acrimonious, and even if they finally say in exasperation "Yes, ok then."

    There's a very high probability they'll "cancel" the order a few days (or hours) later.

    Instead, just concentrate on the hot shots.

    From time to time - when someone says "Not interested" and you say "That's fine, I'll leave you in peace..."

    They suddenly say "Wait a minute...tell me a bit more..."

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    Great post. Most of our lists are called like that. If it's not a targeted list and is just a net thrown out to see what hits, then we do a call through of all the numbers, make a 20 second pitch, and it's either, Disc, NA/VM, Yes, or No. Simple, and cuts out the bs. We then divide the list up further for the second call through!

    You've figured out what many people don't know, and you've done it well!

    Looking for answers on how to SUCCESSFULLY market your company?
    Cold Calling, Appointment Setting, Training, Consulting - we do it all!
    PM for more information

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    Great sharing. Change perspective, change outcome.

    By the way, I love your title !
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    Steve, how do you generate your list?
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    There is actually a name for it "High Probability Selling". Its the opposite of "High Conversion".

    This is the system I myself use. Why kill yourself, when you can have an easy going session... the numbers will do the work if you let them. On the other hand there are twists you can add to increase your conversion without making it any harder.

    But yeah, I think for a newby who hasnt made any sales yet, high probability is the easiest way to go, and the quickest way to get one without straining your brain a whole lot. You wont kill yourself, it wont hurt, and eventually you will ABSOLUTELY come across a guy that says "Hey Im glad you called"!

    Im actually in the middle of writing a report right now on how to do it and make it easy.
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  • @ husk - it's better to buy "qualified" lists often available from brokers. But they can be expensive.

    In my Ad selling days we just used Yellow Pages.
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    I think this is very interesting. I'm new to cold calling. Can somebody give me a script to sell website (mobile and desktop) using this HPS thing.
    My target is europe market.
    Thanks for all

    If you kwow what you want, you can have it - it Works! - http://skl.sh/1TIbEL8

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    Hi Mr. Jones, my name is Joe Blow. I'm calling you today because I specialize in developing tailor-made websites for small businesses like yours. What are you doing currently as far as web design goes?
    David Duford -- Providing On-Going, Personalized Mentorship And Training From A Real Final Expense Producer To Agents New To The Final Expense Life Insurance Business.
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      Steve, how about come on over here again and spread your knowledge
      for others on flyers.

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    I totally agree with OP..simple and fun but I am sure you can tweak it in many ways to create positive response. Normally my teams take around 2-3 minutes per call; but I would like to try this one. I will tweak it with my own spices and report back in a week or so to see how it is going.

    The aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous. The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well that the product or service fits him and sells itself.....

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      its true there usually is a postitive somewhere along the line for exampleyou make 20 calls a day and one takes your product or service, well you need to think why did the 1 take my offering and how can i apply that to the other 20. the old adgage of throw enough mud and some of it will stick is true to a point but you must also work smart and be sure to carry out analysis
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    Steve, you drove home the fact that this is all numbers. The sooner people understand THAT, and the fact that people can just be rude, the easier cold calls get.

    What helps me a lot prior to making calls is actually believing in what I am marketing. For instance, you sir, were selling ad space. As a business owner yourself, YOU know the importance of advertising. Driven by that passion I'm sure it help you get over the nervous situations.
    Your Funnel is Waiting. Fill It With Unlimited Leads
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      Back in the day when I was a telemarketer I had pretty much the same approach. I'd watch people around me kill themselves trying to push out leads from people that really just weren't interested, and those leads would usually die out in the confirmation process. My leads were gold. There were thousands of people to talk to, I didn't feel a need to goad anyone into anything, it was all a numbers game, and someone would be interested. I may not have written as many "leads" as some people, but the salespeople liked mine because they knew what they were getting. I had the ability to play hardball too, and some days I did, but overall that wasn't my goal.

      Sometimes I would even disarm them right from the beginning. "Hi Mrs. Jones, I know that you're busy so I just have a quick question for you. We are going to be in the area this week giving free estimates for home improvement services, and I was just calling to see if there was anything you might like an estimate on while we were out there anyway." Boom, done. She said no, I thanked her for her time, wished her a great day, and moved on. She said yes, I got the appropriate information and told her that we'd be glad to help.

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        For those that want to instill this philosophy into their cold calling ... these are 2 MUST reads:

        1. "High Probability Selling" by Jacques Werth -learn the philosophy of ONLY dealing with with people who want to buy your products or service

        2. "Go for No" by Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz - learn how to determine the value of a NO & why NO's lead to success. (very quick read, 74 pages)

        Both available in paperback.

        To your success,


        "Without data or facts, you are just another person with an opinion"

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          great post well done, it is an interesting way at looking at the process, most poeple including myself look at it the wrong way, the more rejections, the more downbeat you get without looking at the bigger picture, well done!
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          Originally Posted by Joel View Post

          2. "Go for No" by Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz - learn how to determine the value of a NO & why NO's lead to success. (very quick read, 74 pages)
          Get the gist of #2 by watching this vid
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