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I just had to share this one. I have hit these guys up for rep management in the past and they just don't seem interested in letting anyone outside of the family touch anything.

That's fine.

Problem is their Facebook page is run by their 19 year old son, who quite frankly does not seem to have a clue. This is a local manufacturing business that has a international reach and is VERY well known in their field Australia wide and in the UK. I submit for your amusement

1) They are running a Facebook adverts campaign. They do not seem to be getting a heap of likes from it so I question who they are targeting. That is not the issue. The fact is they are running a advertising campaign to attract people to this page when it is in this state!

2) The pages they list as 'liking' include the following;

* my boyfriend is my best friend
* Yes, I DID love you. But you treated me like shiit, so get fuucked!
* There comes a time in life when you walk away from all the pointless drama and the people who create it. Surround yourself with people that add meaning to your life. Life is too short to be wasted on controlling, insecure, jealous and unstable people.
* Sometimes i pretend to be normal but it gets boring so i go back to be me
* My middle finger salutes your Attitude
* The Shit You Hear About Me Might Be True but Then Again It Could Be as Fake as the Bitch Who Told You

...WOW...just WOW..

3) Most of the posts on the page from others are spam, however in among them is
a) A comment from a lady complaining about the likes list above (from 3 months ago that has been left there with no response.
b) A question from a potential customer once again, left to rot.

4) There have been no posts by admin since February.

All this, while running a PPC campaign to ATTRACT more people to the page.

I have screen shot it to keep in my file as a example of what a mess a page can become if it is not looked after.

(I left the language in the above post as it is on the page in question. If anyone gets offended PM me and I will edit.)
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    So how about the screenshot then without the actual page address.
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      Originally Posted by Baadier Sydow View Post

      So how about the screenshot then without the actual page address.
      Ill organise that now. Just blurring names etc due to privacy.

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      • It's a Facebook page! What right of privacy do they have? If it's public, just post a link and let us see.
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    That sounds like a disaster. I would love to see it myself lol.
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    That's just crazy and goes to show just how much the average business owner hasn't a clue of how to include social media into their marketing. The 'LIKES' alone would turn me off of the company.

    Don't focus on the money - focus on the plan!

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    this is not quite as bad, but was quite suprised to see the business promoting their facebook page in the newspaper advert.
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    I like the comment on the fanpage above. Move your transit.

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