Making money with opt in forms, how?

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The devil is in the details and this has probably been discussed before but if you could fill in some of the blanks, I would appreciate it. When cruising the internet, there are tons of websites that has no opt-in form what so ever and it seems like they are totally missing out on the power of building their own lists. Yet, many are not familiar with auto responder services such as Aweber, iContact and others.

Question is, how do you sell such a service or actually, how do you IMPLEMENT it? Their site might be an html site or it could be a Wordpress or Jomla or anything else. They might also have their own web designer or that one fell by the wayside and the business owner might not have any access to the administrative area of the site or simply do not have a password to it.

Saying you sign them up for Aweber and charge them x amount per month is too general of an answer, I need specifics and I would like to see a discussion how others are doing it, best method to implement, to sell and what to charge and your success rate, if at all possible.

Thank you in advance, Eva
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    Originally Posted by MrSure View Post

    its not just about placing opt in forms on your site, having a sales funnel that works is of utmost importance too
    So how would you go about creating that sales funnel and what would you charge for it?

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      Okay so here's what you do. You may or may not be familiar with a sales funnel but it pretty much goes like this...

      Capture Page -> Video/free report/audio -> follow up emails

      If you're going after these people you need to make sure that they have something to offer to the people who would be opting into their list otherwise whats' the point right?

      Let's say you go after a blogger who for some crazy reason doesn't have an optin form on their site. All you do is contact them and tell them how you can help them increase their subscribers and make some money at the same time.

      Then you put the optin form on their site. After you do that, you need to know what type of info they can give away for free and what type of info they can sell. That's what's going to help you determine how to create the sales funnel.

      I have a website where the first page is a capture page. After people optin they see a video and that video pre-sells a $7 ebook. Some people buy the ebook and some don't (5 sales and counting in only 16 days). For the people who buy it, they get special treatment (FB mastermind group) and for those that don't they just get follow-up emails and I talk about the benefits of being an inner circle member and also send out other offers.

      A sales funnel is not as difficult as it sounds. It's only capture page -> video -> sales button -> and delivery method. Just like all the WSOs on here.

      I hope this helps.
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    Yes you need a sales funnel and you do not need anything too complicating to get them to sign up in your list. You just need to make sure you are offering them something that will benefit them enough to put their info in the autoresponder. You need to experiment this, because I believe every business converts differently with how their auto responder needs to be set up to get higher conversions. I recommend having 5 versions and see which one converts the best.
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      So I guess I have to ask again, not really about the sales funnel but if you look over my original post, maybe that would help?

      Specifically, how do you place the opt-in form on someone's website if you do not have a password, for example,

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