Help with designing outsourcing process for VA

by him77
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I've come to realize that the most important step in outsourcing is making sure you supply the exact details needed to get the project done completely. What I'm finding is even if i do this I still have to go back and fix things and no I am not using fivier. Just wanted to see what or how others do to get past this issue?

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    You need to spend the time... and make sure they understand.

    Are you asking how you can automate -- automating your business with VA's?

    That seems counter-intuitive.
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      It makes a difference whether you're talking about one off projects or repetitive projects. Need clarity to advise better.
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        Originally Posted by malia View Post

        It makes a difference whether you're talking about one off projects or repetitive projects. Need clarity to advise better.
        You will always need to go back and sharpen up your instructions to VA's it's ever evolving but you need to draw the line somewhere.

        Use a mindmap program and in your first sitting write down everything that needs doing then leave it to sit a while.

        Go back add and organise the tree do this until you can look at it and not add anything to it.

        I like to shoot videos of what I need to have done and if needed go to Fiverr for a transcription service.

        I hope this helps
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    use Asana is a task management for teams, you can work with your VA's with ease
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    As ironic as this might be. It could be easier for you to just outsource this task. odesk and many sites have a business plan section and this job would fall into the things that could be done.
    if that's not up your alley I can give you a few things to consider
    1. Contact with the client, including payment processing, question answering etc.
    2. contact with the design team. ( Or whoever is doing whatever work you have)
    3. project management( Communicating with the client about changes and communicating those changes to the team.
    4. Project delivery. Completely deliver to the client and answer any remaining questions.
    5. Most importantly communication with you!!

    I hope this helps. If not then I completely missed the point of the question
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    Honestly, That's just part of managing a team. The longer you work with the same members the easier it gets as your instructions will get more clear and your team members will know what you expect better. Also I found making online videos using camtasia or other similar software really helped them learn quicker and make fewer mistakes for task that are repeated over and over.
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    It depends on how much you value your time.

    You can hire a VA manager, if you have the budget.
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