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I was picking up some stuff at a local printer today and asked, "Do any of your customers ask for help with their copywriting?"

"No," said the heavily-tattoed owner, "But here is list of designers I know that ALWAYS need good copywriters." (Emphasis mine).

If you still need a reason to start cold calling or cold walking-in, it's that you get boots-on-the-ground intel you can't get from an email blast. A simple conversation may not yield an immediate sale, but can lead to many more.

If you are walking in, you can see if the business is busy or not, are they growing or not, what new developments are in the area, etc--information that turns into leads and sales.
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    Nice one Joe. I think most people make this business to complicated.
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    Good advice. People often only rely on the information they get online nowadays.

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    There's the common term in sales, ABC (Always Be Closing). My twist on it is ABL (Always Be Looking). Your story is a great example of this.
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      Most printers I've come across think that copywriters are IP lawyers.

      "I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand." -Confucius

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        Originally Posted by Alex Makarski View Post

        Most printers I've come across think that copywriters are IP lawyers.
        Interesting and accurate assessment of people 'out of the know' perception.

        This is why I don't like to use the terms 'SEO and SMS... most business
        owners/managers don't have a clue what those are.

        As for Joe's words of wisdom... RIGHT ON!

        Savvy marketers know that our greatest asset is being informed. That
        information is what we use to create the right marketing message. Whether
        it be through direct mail, door to door or phone marketing.

        The better we target, the more times we'll hit the mark

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