Pain Point Ideas For Website Redesign Cold Calling?

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*disclaimer- I haven't had to prospect in some time, and am a bit rusty

So after detailed cold emailing targeted prospects with poor response, I've been playing with cold calling targeting and will do direct mailers once a baseline is established.

A little background on what I'm doing.... I have a little system setup where I'm scraping certain niches, have niche specific demos ready, and all the details/before & after. These people are ripe for redesign... absolutely horrid. Terrible email open/delivery though, so it's time to move on. The business is out there though, there's so many footprints to scrape it's like endless leads for companies that truly need a better design.

My goal is the backend... I want the recurring hosting/monthly services (250 clients @ $49.95/mo), while the web design fees pay for all advertising/testing on the front end.

So I tested a small batch of cold calls, and noticed when I started initiating pain (i.e.- "I noticed your website still looks unfinished and potential customers may think you're not in business... are you interested in doing anything about that?") there was a NEW pause in the conversation and a fork in the road I didn't hear during previous conversations that ended in dismissal.

It hasn't been enough for a strong close, and I'm still learning. However, I'm probably a little brain fried and could be over looking more ways to take it a little deeper. I hate being on the phone and am still awkward with it... I'm used to people coming to me.

Make sense? Any ideas?
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    I don't have much time this morning, but didn't want to leave you hanging. I did send a PM so we can discuss directly.

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      Originally Posted by Mwind076 View Post

      I don't have much time this morning, but didn't want to leave you hanging. I did send a PM so we can discuss directly.
      I would really love to hear about your thoughts/advice to OP's thread. If you could post it here in the forum discussion I'd appreciate it as I'm also thinking of doing something similar what OP's currently doing and I'd be interested in any Closing techniques.

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    Thoughts? You mean... sign up for my coaching!

    Awesome pain point discussion.

    Originally Posted by Mwind076

    I'm not going to sell myself here, but I will point you to my signature, and suggest some coaching or review on how to handle things or where to start back with cold calling/emailing.

    I commend you for admitting you're struggling, but without knowing some details of why (which we would get on a consultation), it would be time consuming to guess at where you need to improve. With info, we could easily help you out.

    We offer many things, from an ebook on cold calling, to an ebook and 1 hour 1 on 1 consulting to point you in the right direction (that can be helping you with a script, coaching you on calls, coming up with a marketing plan - anything YOU need on the 1 hour call). We also do cold calling FOR you, and mentoring. I would suggest you go with a consultation call. The link is here and you can see the reviews of other warriors we've helped!

    Also, I have posted LOTS of information about cold calling/emailing/lists so you could check that out if you have time to sift!
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    I've done a lot of cold calling and what I've found is a business having a crappy website isn't a pain point for a lot of them. I find webdesign work from people with nice websites, but they want to update it because they feel it's a little stale, or they are starting a new business.

    Just try what you are thinking, that is the real way to see if it will work. If you are thinking of closing on the phone, it might be easier to start with calling locally and set up appointments, or the fact that you are local will make it easier for a business owner to let you close them on the phone.

    You are right, the business is out there.

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    Jeez what an awful thread so far. Self-promotion, anyone?

    OK here's some REAL advice.

    It's not what YOU say, it's what THEY say.

    THEY have to admit there's a problem with their current website. Otherwise you got nuthin'.

    Use pain points to fish for pain.

    "I work with business owners who are:

    * disappointed in the results of their website; although it might look pretty, they're not getting calls from it

    * well aware that their website design is really outdated, and feel nervous about being left behind, but haven't done anything about it because they lack the time and expertise

    * annoyed that the last designer they tried working with left them high and dry.

    But I don't know if you're experiencing any of those issues..."

    And wait for them to speak.

    That's how you use pain points to qualify prospects. Without a consistent sales process, though, you're still in trouble.
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    Sorry guys, there must have been a forum glitch or something. I didn't mean to post that pm quote 4 times.

    Thanks Jason, I like the use of examples... makes it much easier to understand what you mean.

    So are you suggesting you would test variations of that individually for say... 1k dials? Seems a bit dense lumping it all together, plus leaving off the followup. (meaning their answers could be anything, potentially way out in left field... can't really script that, but I can see how practice and consistency makes it roll off the tongue)

    By "consistent sales process" are you referring to a tailored offer that they either qualify in or out for? (the goal being, qualify out as fast as possible and on to the next)
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    Originally Posted by flnz400 View Post

    I noticed your website still looks unfinished and potential customers may think you're not in business... are you interested in doing anything about that?")
    Make sense? Any ideas?
    Some interesting route i learned along the road

    1- Hi my name is joe from cie xyz (Simple and concise answer to "Who are you ?")
    2- I call because our service can give you the benefices i already helped other received (Answer of What do you want ? whitout products description and reinforce your credibility)
    3- If possible i would like to ask you a couples more questions to see if we could help you also ? (what is in for me, how can yo help me ?)

    Or again i love the way i just learned from Jason Kanigan

    1- Hi Joe, is this a bad times to call (just hangup if it is, no name told, no damage)
    2- If Ok to talk just tell the prospect "thanks i appreciate, let me just take 1 minutes of your times to tell you why i call, after you decide if we should continue to talk or not.... sounded fair ?"
    3- Shout your 30-45 seconds commercial and follow the sales process (that i have to learn a lot about in the next 24 hours lol..)

    Good luck

    Oh and jason could you give us the stages of your consistant sales process so we can salivate a bit more about your sales products ? :rolleyes:
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