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Does anyone know if you can add pics to Constant Contact newsletters?
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    I think you can - seem to remember receiving some. May want to check their website though for sure.


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    Does anyone know if you can add pics to Constant Contact newsletters?
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    Yes you can. Not sure how but my friend uses it for his newsletters and sends pics in every one. Most recipients though with have to click a link to give their computer permission to show the pics.... so alot of times the emails show up with alot of blank boxes in them , and people dont know to do that, or wont.

    Just make sure you have some copy above the fold, in case your pic doesnt show up so people wont think the email has no substance and click out before they scroll down.
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      You should be able to, just embed it in the html code.
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    I don't use constant contact but I have a friend that does. His emails always has custom pictures and banners. So if he can do it then I am sure you can to

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    Yeah I see some people mention in their subject line that there are pictures included in the email and to allow them to see...

    Ryan Diess even used the subject in an email "Pictures inclosed... please don't bend" LOL
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    Adding pictures is one of Constant Contact's main newsletter components. Typically you can create two emails, one text-only and another HTML version with pictures so that it reaches everyone. Keep in mind that a lot of people turn off HTML in their email program so pictures should only be used to build on strong text within the body.

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