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About 15 yrs ago I created a software program with a programmer buddy that would produce a "Number" which was a "BallPark" figure as to... "What a Business is Worth"....by plugging in numbers from a businesse's "Balance Sheet" or "Profit & Loss" Statements.

This is NOT an elaborate accounting thing-a-ma-jig" Just gives the biz-owner "an Idea of what his biz MIGHT be worth....by plugging in numbers in the privacy of his office.

I'm thinking about re-marketing this to "small-business owners" and charging $39 or $49 for the CD.

Has anyone here heard of this?...or any FeedBack as to whether it's a "Marketable" project....nowadays?

Thanks much,
Don Alm
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    Lot's of Small Business Owners want to know how much their business is worth because secretly many of them want to bail out. Cash in and say goodbye to stress.

    Especially shop owners.

    You can pretend that Mike Lynch bought your CD Or that HP should have.

    Autonomy Turnover $900m

    Autonomy Profits $200m

    HP paid $10 billion.

    Google HP and Autonomy if you have no idea what I am talking about and see if you can't use that info to weave some sort of sales copy.

    I'm sure you can.

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    Wouldn't something like this be more effective if it was all on the internet rather than on a CD or SD card? I personally think a lot of biz owners wouldn't take the time to load a cd up or put in the card.

    I know the whole point is to lock the cd with a key but I would think it would be easier to send them to a landing page with simple questionnaires. The final result wouldn't be displayed unless the $39 or whatever was paid.

    Not surprisingly, I think postcards would be perfect to drive them to the landing page.
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    I would be interested in plr rights to the valuation cd's....

    Not exactly the answer you were looking for, but the truth none the less.
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    Bob is on the money here, do CDs even still exist?, put it online, make it into an app, sell the rights a s a wso.....etc etc and advertise it offline with mailers and well placed ads.

    I think your valuation is a little high though, as a standalone product it's just not worth it these days, I have one as a free tool on a membership site I bought, it gets a lot of traffic but my members only pay £29 a month and they get a hell of a lot more than just the tool.

    Join my private strategy group on Facebook or find out how I made £2000 recurring in 2 weeks.

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    Not only will you find out these business owners have a cd player but they probably have an 8 track player too.

    At least many of the one man type business shops I've talked to during my cold calls lately who balk at getting a website and who proudly share they don't even own a computer or any of these other new fangled app gadgets you people keep yapping about

    Timely example here: http://www.warriorforum.com/offline-...c-numbers.html

    I've run into quite a few small business owners who say they're on their way out, fixing to retire. Midasman's product would be a great way to end a call for the person whose actually closer to and is probably more open to finding out what their business is worth.
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