GREEDY OFFLINERS! Give Give Give, then Take~

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Stop being GREEDY and asking how you can MAKE MORE MONEY but figure a way how you can DELIVER MORE VALUE to your clients. And learn to CONNECT BETTER.

Be that friend who shows up when your friend needs someone to help them move rather than being that friend who only calls up when you break up with your girlfriend. You know who you are!

note: I made a blog post today and wanted to share with you guys too!

Instead of trying to sell sell sell, think about GIVING!!!

Most people ask about marketing but never ask how they can serve their customers better.

I once too had problem getting clients too. We were trying every method in the planet from sending 500+ direct mails, 100 emails, 100 linkedin messages, craigslist, and so one.

But the breakthrough came for us when we changed our focus from TAKING to GIVING!

Even today, I told my web designer to create fan page covers for our clients so we can send it as a Christmas Gift to them.
We'll give it as a present no strings attached but plan to ask if they would be kind enough to make a fb post about us on their facebook and/or give us a video testimonial.

I really value the relationship and the time I spend with my clients and try my best to connect with them even after we finish their websites/seo. I go far as connected with them through facebook since it’ll keep each others updated with what’s going one each others lives. Some say this is unprofessional but most entrepreneurs I know like to go out for few beers with me and loves to party.

Take a look at the few emails I received just this week alone.

, you won’t need to do be doing other marketing. They’ll come back to you and they’ll refer you to plenty of client.

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