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This isn't anything revolutionary, and certainly isn't a setup for a WSO. Short, simple, and to the point...

If you're using video for local online clients, are you a seriously talented videographer? Do you put together good stuff? Would your videos fly if they were used as TV spots?

Probably not. This is the offline forum, so I probably shouldn't be stating the obvious: YouTube is espoused as the next coming of Christ, and all you need to do is put together a crappy slideshow to rank your clients at the top of Google. Plus, you'll make them super happy with a slideshow you put together using MovieMaker or some sweet (free) online program.

Right. Ever take a peek at After Effects Projects, Motion Graphics, C4D Templates | VideoHive ?

Not an affiliate link. If you haven't been, check it out. For a few bucks you can put together some seriously professional videos. Intros, whole videos, sounds, etc. I've used it for a while in a whole lot of ways, and for some reason felt the need to throw it up on here now. You can find logo reveals, intros, whole videos, etc. You can't be completely daft, as you'll need to have a copy of Adobe AfterEffects to edit much, and a basic video editing program to edit the rest, but the bones are all there.

You can put together some seriously fantastic looking videos for very little money.

No, you won't make 5 gajillion dollars a day.
Yes, you must not have an IQ of 12.

With a bit of thought, and a half hour or so of learning your way around a video editing program, you can put out some professional looking videos. Or..........

You can PUT UP the same CRAP THAT EveryOne ELSE on here DOES and calls Good Stuff!

Not everyone, of course, but I have a certain poster in mind. Care to give me $500 to tell you how to knock doors and sell advertising? Just send a PM!
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    Yep, that's a great resource. It's just a matter of getting off your tush and doing one....we just do them for our clients without asking - they're always blown away at the results and willing to pay what we ask (750-1000 euros)


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    I work at a local tv station and we will occasionally take a few video hive templetes, mix and match them and create new commercial spots from them. I've been using AE for about 7 years so it's not to hard. We also take our original spots and create templates to try to recoup some of our money. It's a great resource.

    Learn how to make videos that sell. Special $1 Offer for Warriors Only.


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    Have a good look at what you enjoy and think about how to do it better. Just remember that what you enjoy should have a high number of views and likes.
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      I'm no expert, that's for sure. I don't make a living doing these. I started doing videos for the family offline business (since moved on), and while they were pretty amateurish, it hooked me on the benefits of Youtube and video in general.

      I stumbled across VideoHive and AfterEffects 6 months ago or so, and was amazed by just how easy it was to put together some seriously professional looking stuff. I mean, it's not "make $4,327 in 2 hours WSO" easy, but with a smidgeon of brains and a few hours, you can figure out AE well enough to modify a $10 template and make it look snazzy.

      After seeing some of the crap local offline videos on here that folks are (supposedly?) actually charging for, it seemed like you could seriously up the ante with some of these templates. Even if you're not able to sell the completed videos for more, at least you would be putting out fairly quality work. Anyway, just my thoughts.
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