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I was doing some work for my fine dining restaurant and I was talking to his Opentable account manager. I was making small talk with her about how it looks to me that mobile is getting big. She remarks your telling me 1 out 5 searches on the Opentable network is done using a mobile device and its getting bigger.

She also says Opentable is so concerned about Restaurants being mobile optimized that they are paying to help them become mobile optimized. She told me my client has about 43% of his reservations coming from mobile devices...I will try to get some more indepth stats with my next conversation with her.

I just thought this was interesting and I would share with the group.
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    Stats about mobile are speaking louder and louder. Are small businesses listening?

    In many respects, I think small biz owners might believe media outlets including offline consultants are trying to pull a fast one on them with all of these mobile stats. I know I did up until a year ago but the proof bore itself in my own statscounter.com account on a handful of affiliate sites that are simple one pagers.

    The mobile devices stats are simply blowing up.

    The president of Qualcomm was on Charlie Rose a few days ago and he too uttered on about mobile stats usage that were astounding outside of the US.

    Thanks for the share.
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    I spoke to a 20 year local SEO expert today for over 2 hours and he was telling me similar numbers for % for leads for some company. I know a guy doing text based stuff with mobile advertising and he is killing it.
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    Absolutely is blowing up and will continue for the years to come. I believe this is the greatest thing to happen and people smart enough to get in now, will reap the benefits years from now.
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    That got me thinking, thanks for the share!

    "Be water, my friend" - Bruce Lee

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