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Howdy All -

What are the best autoresponder/CRMs out there?

I've got 15 pages of legal size yellow pad noted of businesses, when I contacted them, when I need to follow up, contact info, etc.

So, I kind of need to get that s%#t organized.

But, I'd like to integrate with an autoresponder as well, so I can track calls, emails, everything...from one place, and have a built in autoresponder for landing pages, giveaways, subscriptions, etc.

What are some of you using?

Thanks in advance...

p.s. I'm posting this here because my market is local, online marketing for small, offline businesses.
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    The best one in my opinion is InfusionSoft but its pricey.
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    As far as CRM goes I use ACT! by Sage and thats been very good but with all decent CRM's there is a steep learning curve.
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    HighriseHQ.com is a cheap way to do it.

    OfficeAutoPilot.com is an expensive (and awesome) way to do it.
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    I'm look at these now, too. Which one did you choose?
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    Highrise HQ + GetResponse
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    The best CRM is the one that you will use!

    Just like the best exercise is the one that you will do.

    I've worked with CRMs high and low, custom and cloned, over the years. None were any "better" than the others...they all had a degree of hassle. All had too many screens. But to get your mind off it, you have to commit to one. It's like a second brain. Put ALL the info into the CRM you choose. I use an excel spreadsheet and google calendar. It's simple, captures all the information, and I will use this system. If it tells me to do something now, I trust that it's the best use of my time. I have to. Just made a video because it told me to...not because it's exactly what I wanted to do with part of my Sunday afternoon.

    In dealing with MRP II systems for manufacturing operations (these are computer systems that issue a snowstorm of work orders that must be followed or the system will screw up), I have found human beings always want to override the system. They want to order more inventory or make a few more units than the system says, "just to be safe." The result is always bad. You have to set up your system as best as you can, put feedback loops into it, and let it run in spite of the panicky voice in your head that tells you an "adjustment" is needed.

    For autoresponder, I use aweber. It got the best reviews that I saw, but I doubt it's better or worse than any other out there.
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