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Picked up an appointment with a Spa tomorrow.It's a first for me - not that it matters much, but it seems like I've had terrible luck in the past with anything resembling a spa/salon/nail place.

2012 was their best year ever. They have a "reasonable" web site. I'm still intending to sell a re-design, as I can make it much more effective. An SMS campaign seems like the most obvious sell in addition to that, but I thought I would throw the question out here and see what brainstorms up.

How would/do you approach an overall marketing package for a spa/salon? What types of services are the most effective? They're all over facebook, so that's taken care of. What do you think?
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    Well what do they think you are turning up tomorrow for?

    What is it you said to get the appt?

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      Believe it or not, it came from a cold email contact. I had some time over the weekend and sent a couple of hundred. Not cold-cold, because I put together a list that included business owner names and tailored it to them, but not very warm.

      Introduced myself, said I was local, and told them what I do. Web sites, SEO, small business marketing, Youtube, etc. Said I realized she had a site, but that it probably wasn't doing much for her.

      She said last year was fantastic, but they can always improve. Expressed interest in sitting down and talking about how to grow her business more.

      That's pretty much the jist of it. I've got my own ideas, and won't be going in cold. There's such a diverse group of people on here that I thought I would throw it out there. I always wrote off Spas in the past from personal experience, so this would be the first I've taken on as a client.
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        Okay got it.

        So maybe you spruce up their website to make it look luxurious and relaxing.

        The most successful Spa near me uses proper monthly magazines to all their customers, has a range of own branded products to sell - mark up is amazing, radio and print Ads and they try and get JVs with up market companies who have a similar outlook/lifestyle message.

        So they will link with JLR (Jaguar Land Rover) upscale jewellers, Restaurants etc etc. List sharing really or joint offers. They drive business to each other.

        eg JLR dealership will use Direct Mail to their existing database of car owners at 3 years offering them a free test drive whilst their car gets a free check over and the wife can have a free day at The Spa.

        That puts exactly the target market for the Spa through the doors and most of these women will want to join and get hubby to cough up. We're talking serious money here.

        And doing it the other way The Spa might take an Ad out in some exclusive womens Magazines offering a free Intro day to the Spa and Hubby can have a free test drive of a Jag or Land Rover.

        See the mutual benefits of how each business can attract the exact clientele it wants not just by offering their own free incentive but using a free incentive of a preferred partner to appease the other half. (wife/husband)

        The place makes millions and millions but obviously has enormous outgoings.

        Depending upon the clientele at this place you are going to you could think of similar things.

        Just a thought for you to get thinking.

        Very simple to explain and easy for them to get it and get excited by it. No technology required so no headaches for you.

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    I would make sure that you take care of all your research before you move forward on the call. Check where they stand in the search engines. Are they listed high on Google places? Keep in mind, the best service that you can provide them is lead generation. I find that business owners don't care about the technical stuff, but how can they make more money from your services. Hope this helps.

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      I've got the basics covered. I'll detail how and why I want to re-design their site, why they need SEO, cover Google+ listing, social networking integration, and an SMS campaign. Just looking for out of the box ideas.
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        You can easily sell your whole appointment around a Facebook page setup and training proposal. These types of businesses have a local customer base, and they can market well through a Facebook page. For example, the owner asks the clients permission to post a picture of their nails on the salons Facebook page along with the clients name (would need to be a FB friend). If the client agrees, they then have their account tagged to the picture, and then in turn the clients friends get to see, so it becomes viral, etc, etc.

        Please read the forum rules.

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          Now we're talking! Keep 'em coming gents, and thanks!
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    Online appointment setting is the latest in the spa/salon industry
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      I didn't notice anything about them having a mobile site, but I assume they do?

      The clientele may be running towards the younger side, so I think doing your SMS campaign with specials, coupons, appointment reminders, etc. will be a HUGE plus.

      Film some of their luxurious treatment sessions and get them on Youtube. Do interview vids with the owners and satisfied clients. It's all good.

      Exactly where on the first page are they ranking for IMPORTANT salon/spa keywords in their city.? Get them to #1. (or certainly in the top 3), if they are not already there. It's not hard to do for local businesses if you know your stuff.

      Are there testimonials on the home page?. Encourage clients to post positive experiences in Yelp and other review sites. The trust and authority thing is where everything is heading, so they can stay ahead of the curve

      Do they have a blog? I'd say that's very important in that industry.

      Improve their PageRank. Lots of ways of doing that.

      As someone brought up, cross-promotion is a great marketing tactic.

      I don't need to mention the mundane stuff like getting them in ALL local directories, making sure their Google plus, Bing local, Yahoo local, etc. are 100% complete.

      There's tons of stuff you can do for them. If you just keep thinking:"When I walk out of that appointment, I WILL have a new client".

      And I guarantee it, you will.
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    If you offered "small business marketing" don't go in there only telling her how to up her SEO and website presence. You need to include ideas on contests, flyers when the customers go out the door (with promotions/coupons), punch cards (12 visits get one free), open houses with "free" things like bring a friend and get 2 for the price of 1, radio ads, print ads.

    If you don't do anything besides present SEO/mobile/web, you will not stand out as someone that does or knows what "small business marketing" entails and you will look (to her) like everyone else that has called her hocking SEO/mobile/web. Present her a FULL marketing package and ideas. If you don't know how to do that, or you don't offer that, then partner with someone that does.

    Stand out!

    Looking for answers on how to SUCCESSFULLY market your company?
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    offer groupon clone deals to their current client list
    continue to build list
    monthly blog/newsletter
    online/mobile appointments
    text marketing for last minute deals/opening, they might as well get some revenue, their time slots are perishable, kind of like hotel rooms or reservations.
    VIP monthly membership $$ for discounts, priority scheduling to create recurring revenue
    online/autoship for product sales in between spa visits.
    home spa party program

    In a moment of decision the best thing you can do is the right thing. The worst thing you can do is nothing. ~ Theodore Roosevelt

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    ^^^^He's on track

    Looking for answers on how to SUCCESSFULLY market your company?
    Cold Calling, Appointment Setting, Training, Consulting - we do it all!
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    Let her lead a bit as she sounds competent and has ideas and probably has her style and standards of operating.

    Key off what makes her special, what are her USPs, what will make her clientele feel special and appreciated?

    Perhaps a VIP club kind of thing where they can sign up from their mobile devices as well as desktop/pc.

    A gift card regulars can get free after "x" amount of visits to give to their own friends, family or business contacts...

    "If you think you're the smartest person in the room, then you're probably in the wrong room."

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    I think since we are dealing with direct marketing, you could go the incentive marketing route. For example, i have packages available that offers free 3 day stays in 4-5 star hotels. Clients would love this or at the very least it would certainly get there attention.

    Shelly-Ann Roper is a Translator and multi-lingual Marketing/PR professional for SMEs. She specializes helping small businesses integrate their products and services into foreign markets. She is CEO/founder of Neue Medien PR/Marketing Inc and the Smart-Up Business Guide.Direct link to her blog here.

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