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I have heard all of the arguments for and against cold calling but I hate it. But do you know what I hate even more NOT HAVING ANY CLIENTS.

Cold calling for me was always a tedious chore. Not because I wasn't confident in my skills or services just the idea of it. Calling a business owner and getting rejected wasn't my idea of a good time.

But what I did know was that it was the best way to generate interest and new clients. But for the longest time I was getting nothing but gatekeepers. Once out of every 30 calls I would get a business owner that would blow me off without a second thought. So like most I quit.....

Fortunately that is not the end of the story.

But first since I haven't participated in the forum for such a long time, I think it is important for me to re-introduce myself.

My name is Cameron and I make a full time living from internet marketing. I work with both offline clients and create my own affiliate websites. I was a consultant for a fortune 500 company. I was a part of a team that was in charge of the company's online marketing.

I have been very fortune to wake up every day and enjoy the work I do. The power of the internet is truly awe-inspiring. With massive consistent action, a computer and internet connection amazing things are possible.

Now back to why I hate cold calling....

After my time with the fortune 500 company I wanted to venture off for myself. Now when I worked with this company we had an entire sales team so I never had to do a cold call or go "close" a lead. But I thought "if they could do it then I could too."


I had many of the same problems that everyone else has when contacting business owners
  • What if they don't answer
  • What if the person is rude
  • What if the sectary doesn't let me talk to the owner
  • What if they blow me off
  • What if it's a big waste of time

Plus any number of other excuses that paralyzes the new comer to offline internet marketing. Luckily I didn't have to suffer for long.
I was able to get a family friend to let me do SEO for their business. Shortly thereafter I was approached by another friend to update the website of his trash hauling business. Now neither one of these deals generated very much income but there was a break through!

After doing the website redesign (all I did was load and customize a premium WP theme) my friend actually got me a couple of leads. He came to and said "Cameron a couple people from the weekly networking event I attend would like to talk to you about website redesign."

So of course I followed up with these leads and one of them actually became a client. But the important thing is HOW I contacted these leads. It was via phone of course.

But it was so easyyyyyy. I just picked up the phone after doing some research and made the calls. In fact it didn't even seem like marketing, cold calling, selling or any of the other dirty word associated our business. It was just me making a phone call.

This was my breakthrough. The only difference between a "cold call" and any other phone call is the emphasis I was putting on it. With this mindset I went back and thought about all of the things I think about before making a "cold call" - which is basically everything that could wrong.

From that point on I decided that I had to get the right mindset before making cold calls. I had to make it as much as a regular phone call. So here is how I got over my hatred of cold calling:
  1. Nothing Bad Is Going To Happen - So just do it
  2. Have something prepared for the client (This was not a sales pitch but something of value for the business I was calling)
  3. Nothing Bad Is Going To Happen
  4. Make sure the business can actually use whatever I'm offering
  5. Don't make a sale just set up a meeting

Finally I stopped trying to make a certain number of calls per day. Instead I aimed for a certain number of leads. No matter if it took 2 calls or 72 calls, each day I had goal in mind that I was going to achieve.

This system of mine definitely worked, I was able to get the results that I wanted. Most nights consisted of doing research to get the right businesses to call. Then the next morning I simply made phone calls. Most days I would offer a report to present to the business owner.

Now with all of that being said I still much prefer other methods of lead generation of cold calling. But cold calling played a role in the growth of my business.

Hope you enjoy reading about my hatred of cold calling, let me know what you think.

Thanks, Cameron
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    Did you watch any of my videos? You'd see why the reactions are like that. If you got a "No Thanks" in only every 30 calls, that's astonishing. Should be much more often. And so what. It's just a knee-jerk reaction.

    Your points in the 2nd half are interesting. The understanding that you don't have to place yourself under extreme pressure to make a sale is a good one. However, your point 5 is not necessary--you can make a sale, if conditions permit it. Yes, the prospect must have need of what you offer. Yes, the prospect must be able to pay you. Yes, the prospect must be someone who you can work with.
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      Originally Posted by Jason Kanigan View Post

      Did you watch any of my videos? You'd see why the reactions are like that. If you got a "No Thanks" in only every 30 calls, that's astonishing. Should be much more often. And so what. It's just a knee-jerk reaction.
      I actually got much more than than one "No Thanks" per 30 calls, that was the problem.

      Yes I have watched videos by you and others whom are much more successful at cold calling. In fact some of your methods about getting around the gatekeeper I have used with great success so thank you! The reason I personall didn't want to make the sale during the phone call is becasuse I wanted to make my end game (during the call) easier to achieve. Plus I think I'm much more charming in person and able to convert a lead into a client at a much higher rate

      Don't make a "Plan B" as it only distracts you from "Plan A"

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        Originally Posted by MoneyMindset View Post

        Plus I think I'm much more charming in person and able to convert a lead into a client at a much higher rate
        LOL, me too!

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    I think cold calling method is not the problem. The problem is when everyone keeps on emphasizing it's downside. The more we discuss about the downside of cold calling, the more cold calling will become a big problem for many people, when it's actually not as bad as what most people thought it to be.

    So let us all stop inflating the downside of cold calls so that it will not be a major stumbling blocks for the new marketers. Just do it, do it and do it, you will definitely be making sales.

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      Originally Posted by Qamar View Post

      I think cold calling method is not the problem. The problem is when everyone keeps on emphasizing it's downside.

      Definitely. Part of the change in my mindset was, when cold calling only focusing on the positive outcome. By taking away the fear (all of which we create in our mind) the entire process becomes much easier.

      I think another important thing for me was my success. Once I knew it was possible and I had a system that worked for me it was much easier to do it whenever I needed to.

      Eventually it just became apart of my everyday business operations.

      Don't make a "Plan B" as it only distracts you from "Plan A"

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    Cameron, thanks for your valuable insight on cold calling. I too hate it. It's by far my least favorite lead generation method. But I do want to learn more about it since my business partner is far more open to trying it than I am.

    For me it's mostly a mindset issue. When a business owner says no or is particularly rude to me, it ruins my mood. I know it's something I should be unaffected by and I'm constantly rationalizing in my head not to feel bad about such a trivial matter, but this is of course easier said than done. I just got tired of feeling down all day because of a couple of simple no's.

    On the other side of the coin, when I do get a business interested I have trouble closing for whatever reason. Whenever they ask me for the price, that's when I freeze up. Funny thing is I never have this problem when I'm meeting someone face-to-face. Again, a mindset thing which I'm trying to overcome on a daily basis!
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    a couple ideas:

    1. hire people to cold call for you.
    2. create more situations where you get more warm intros, referrals. There are tons of ways to do this.
    -teach a "class" or seminar in community education, "How businesses can generate 10 new leads a day" etc....be informational but at the end most of them will just hire you to do it

    -partner w/ sales organizations that already have relationships and want to sell the customer more stuff, give them a commission for a warm introduction and you take over from there.

    -partner w/ sales organizations that want will offer your service for free in order to generate new clients (a bank offering free SEO or mobile site to new customers). the bank pays you, not the client. You then do the job and start talking to the client about other services.

    -for bars/restaurants, target the food/liquor sales people or the food/liquor distributor themselves. Offer them a program/commission on web/mobile services to offer their customers. It'll help them retain customers in a cutthroat biz.

    In short, target those that already have the owners/mgr/decision-makers ear/relationship. Or those that have a sales force that WANT to generate new clients by offering them your service.

    In a moment of decision the best thing you can do is the right thing. The worst thing you can do is nothing. ~ Theodore Roosevelt

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