Testing different music on a video overview...

by hayfj2
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...does it make you cringe, smile, or want to keep watching & take action.

- curious.



Be interested in your thoughts.


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    Disney work for me I'm afraid.

    Music sounds 'ominous'....but worse...

    The message is not clear...no quick 'Oh I Get It' message

    Of course that is the view of someone who doesn't know the background
    or where the video will be used. It might work for those who know what they're
    looking at.....

    Lot of work there too ;0)

    Making Calls To Sell Something? What are you actually saying?
    Is there any room for improvement? Want to find out?

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    fair enuff

    take 91 it is then


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    A few comments:

    - To be honest, I was not a fan of the purple background. It doesn't look professional.

    - The slides need transitions. This is a problem especially for the slides that have the same images and just different text. I didn't even notice the text changed til it's too late.

    - You have way too much text on these slides. At times I didn't have time to finish reading each slide before it moved on to the next one. If you have that much to say it's better if you just use a voiceover.

    - Get to the point! Throughout the video I wasn't sure what exactly you were offering.

    - The music you chose does not fit this presentation at all and ends abruptly at the end. Choose something more fitting and fade it out at the end.
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    cheers. thanks for your candidness
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    Please test another background color!
    You need to show it to someone who's never seen it and check if he/she understand what's the message.

    Good luck!
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      It's too fast for my taste... A tad slower rhythm and it would have been perfect.

      It wasn't so bad that I wanted to run. The background, though, made me not notice any of the words. And, as said before, I'd add transitions.
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