List of all the ways offliners can help small businesses?

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As a brainstorming exercise, I wanted to put together a list of all the specific ways offliners can help local small/medium businesses.

1) Website Creation
2) Mobile Websites
3) App Creation
4) Graphic Design
5) SEO
6) PPC management
7) Lead generation
8) Orchestrating loyalty programs
9) Social Media Coaching
10) Social Media Management

I'm putting my offline website together, and I'm trying to brainstorm all services I can offer. What did I miss?
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    Video marketing
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    Logo Design

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      Most of what you list are products you can offer. They are all required as possible solutions for any business looking to implement an internet marketing strategy. However, at the top of the list should be.......


      ....Your aim should be to consult with the businesses you intend to work with, figure out the best solution for them and subsequently devise a strategy that best suits their business needs. This is where your products are used to implement your devised strategy.

      This is what will set you apart from all the other product service providers out there.

      In answer to your question you can add the following to your list:
      • Consulting
      • Brand Building
      • Conversion Analysis & Improvement
      • Internet Marketing Training
      • Online Marketing Strategy Planning
      • Content Creation
      • Copywriting

      Hope that helps

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        Great post Riz,

        Here are a few more solutions.

        Email marketing

        QR code creation

        SMS text messaging

        Reputation management

        Testimonial management

        Online Directory submissions


        Lead-capture page creation (Squeeze page)

        Squidoo lens / Hub page

        Flyer creation and distribution

        Blogging and blogging management

        Writing press releases and articles

        Managing outsourcers to handle all of the above on behalf of the client.
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        Riz: Great list, thanks. I have been thinking along those lines, and it is part of why I am writing this list: that my goal is not to sell a product, but to listen to them closely, teach them to lead with value and show expertise, and then pull out the appropriate arrows from my quiver to hit their target.

        MarkJez: Killing it! Thanks, some real inspiration in there. I really appreciate it!
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    Direct mail services (targeted and saturation)
    Print & Design services (business cards, flyers, brochures, rack cards, menus, etc.)
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      A great way to initially help small business owners is to help them identify any hidden assets they may have that can be used to bring in immediate cash flow for their business. This provides them with a ton of value and they instantly have the money to pay you for more services. They will also see you as a trusted authority.

      Identify some of the following:

      Do they have a data base?
      Do they follow up with that data base?
      Can they JV with someone in a similar but non-competitive niche?
      Do they ask for referrals?
      Do they have a strong USP?
      Are they offering up-sells or cross sells.

      Are they leveraging their current marketing processes- Look for low closing ratio, sub-par sales people, no follow-up, up-selling opportunities, packaging
      opportunities, current sales aides, staff allocation of time, reallocation of marketing dollars or redirection of marketing efforts to more profitable areas

      Show them first and they will become loyal customers forever!

      Hope this helps!


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    and backlinking services

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    Audio Marketing
    Flier Distribution
    Craigslist Posting

    just a few that I didn't see listed above. Great thread by the way.
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    market research/competitive analysis
    marketing audit (free?)
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    I would suggest a different tact - instead of focussing on the "services" you can offer, which probably means "jack" to most prospects, why not focus on the problems they might have, for example....

    otherwise u gonnae confuse em with tech s*** !!!

    They might NOT know what service you offer can help them, but you need to know what problem you can help them with what you offer.

    They probably dont give a toss how you're going to do it, they just want a solution.

    So, HOW can you REALLY help them in commercial terms with what you offer?

    Can you help them INCREASE or IMPROVE (with what you have to offer?)

    1. Revenue
    2. Market Share
    3. Profit / margin
    4. Proposal Acceptance
    5. Share Price
    6. Fans, Friends, Followers Online
    7. Website Traffic
    8. Customer Satisfaction
    9. Supplier Quality
    10. Product Quality
    11. Employee Quality
    12. Employee Morale
    13. Credit Rating
    14. Stakeholder commitment
    15. Employee Commitment
    16. Teamwork
    17. Life Time Value
    18. Home Life
    19. Cash Reserves
    20. Employee Accountability

    Or can you help them by LOWERING or REDUCING....(with what you have to offer?)

    1. Customer Acquistion Costs
    2. Website Costs
    3. Staff Turnover
    4. Customer Attrition
    5. Raw Materials Cost
    6. Staff Costs
    7. Non Conversion of Prospects
    8. Non Acceptance of Proposals
    9. Complaints
    10. Refunds
    11. Competitor Activtiy
    12. Personal Conflicts / Arguments
    13. Legal Disputes
    14. Statutory Compliance
    15. Missed Deadlines
    16. Lead Times between Customers
    17. Resistance to Change
    18. Supplier Costs
    19. Maintenance / Support Fees
    20. Time travelling

    Just the way, a scotsman would think about tackling it.

    Talk their language - NOT YOURS, or you'll irritate, bore or confuse the ass off them.

    For you'll probably find you've got more than one OFFERING for each requirement, and can probably package a cheap, standard or premium solution too, with a money back guarantee.

    Hope that gets you thinking about it.


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      Well.....I've been kicking around the idea to partner up with the organized ladies and gentlemen from the boys and girls scouts of America and their parents....

      It's hard to say no to all those kids with cookies....

      They are at every supermarket, Walmart, Target, Costco, and convenience store.

      ****cross promotion****
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    Hey...just wanted to say THANK YOU to every single person who chimed in on this list...Gave me some great ideas and inspiration, made writing my LinkedIn profile a breeze, I'm feeling like a millions bucks reading through it.

    Wishing everybody abundance and prosperity!
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    Sweet lists, kudos to the contributors!
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