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Hi All,

offline is treating me well!

I have an offline client that needs a way to step the process of collecting information, to minimise drop offs.

It is a college in Australia, so the application process can be quite extensive.

My question is to any any experienced marketers that have used a way to collect information in 3 to five steps, so that even is an application is abandoned, they can still re-market to them.

Many thanks!

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    Assuming you are collecting your info via a webform then why not just use a series of consecutive forms where clicking submit on 1 leads directly to the next thus entering the information already collected into your DB even if the application is abandoned part way through. OR make the application page a membership site - first they join, then they take an "online aptitude test" to determine which courses might suit them, they tick the ones they like and complete the applciations. this way you are gathering progressively more info each time they interact with the site.
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