Google devalues Web directories - again

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Google Tolls the Death Knell for Web Directories | SiteProNews: Webmaster News & Resources
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    I'm not sold that his post is accurate. Blog posts are not news.
    One Call Closing book

    What if they're not stars? What if they are holes poked in the top of a container so we can breath?
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    "It has to be true because it's on the internet."

    I have no signature.

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    This is old news and lets be clear about something.

    The web "directory" isn't what most of the people around here have been lead to believe. DMOZ is a web directory whereas Yelp, Superpages, etc are not. It's the latter where one should be building a presence for clients, not the former.

    If you've been submitting your clients sites to actual web directories then shame on you in the first place.
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    forget everything you know about SEO, some strategies might work, but you're always chasing something.

    the AMA (American Marketing Association) defines marketing as creating content of value for prospect, customers and an industry at large, and distributing that content to areas these people reside.

    This is what SEO should be. For a small business, listed in DMOZ is devalued because locals don't go there. Create content, like testimonial videos, and distribute it to the local chamber of commerce, have press releases served by the local newspaper. Get listed in the MAJOR directories, portals and get citations in relevant areas. It's simple, just not easy.

    Don't forget about the OLDEST and BEST for of marketing. Word of Mouth. This is a Review Acquisition System in the digital world. Create content that is shared on social networks and ensure happy customers are talking about you.

    This is marketing, and the word Internet basically just digitizes what we already know. So SEO is just real marketing.

    Sharpen your marketing skills, not SEO
    Father, Entrepreneur, Author, Adranalist
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      I have increased number of paid listings in my web directory this year, so this is another rumor.
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    I googled it, it looks like a lone blogger trying to create a myth using isnt exactly all over the web, this guy's site is really the only one trying to spin it like this.

    To test this myth and debunk it, simply google the phrase "Chicago Attorney" and see what almost the first whole page consists of.

    This is easy enough to dispel. Doesnt look like directory sites are being punished to me at all. Looks like they are dominating as a matter of fact.

    If you ever see them getting pushed down when you google, then you will know its true, for now it doesnt look that way at all, or anything even remotely close to that.
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