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Greetings off liners !!

Keen to get the views and opinions of as many people as possible on this..
I am fairly far down the road with an idea to offer a service that will profile potential customer data by geography and market and then obtain relevant contact details for the business, including address, telephone number and crucially key contact/executive names and their email addresses.

I believe one of the huge issues around contacting prospective new customers is not knowing who to ask for - asking
"Can I speak to your marketing person or business owner" immediately identifies it as a sales/cold call.

Feedback I am looking for is would a service that gathered all the information and then perhaps even sent an email on your behalf to the business owner help you?

Be great to get feedback from those that either use some kind of service right now or who have an opinion on whether there would be a benefit in receiving X amount of leads per month as per your criteria and pre-emailed with your offer for follow up.

For the avoidance of doubt I am not talking about some kind of email blast or offer to other warriors I mean business owners in your specific geography and selected by size location and business type that you prefer.

Thanks for taking the time and welcome replies or refinements to this.
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    From how you describe it, and I could be wrong if you didn't put all the info in there, it sounds like you are just selling a list that anyone could buy or make themselves.

    You stated that it's "business owners in your specific geography and selected by size location and business type that you prefer." This means that anyone could purchase this list or make it themselves just like you will. Had you stated that you were going to pre-qualify them or find "people interested in YOUR business" that would be different than people a client wants to sell to.

    So, my thought is, no, it would not help and people would not want to buy a list of people they were interested in selling to and that you were going to email on their behalf, UNLESS they don't want to buy a list for themselves and call/email it.

    You're describing being a middle man for a list provider, or doing a service that is readily available and most businesses know where to get it already. If you are looking to get into marketing with lists, then you should find another way to do so like:
    1)finding their target market (people who actually DO want to use their services, not people that your client WANTS or THINKS will need their services)
    2)creating emails and running a campaign to see what type of response and what type of business responds, and THEN creating a list of those and running a campaign if it was a good amount.
    3)hundreds of other marketing techniques.

    Selling lists isn't that lucrative, any business owner can go buy a list, like you describe, and pull it himself in any combination of numbers for low rates or free.

    Again, my opinion based on what you described.

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      thanks for the reply, what you describe is what I am looking to avoid - as you rightly say data in and of itself has no great value.

      Moving forward we can source emails for this data ( named contact) not info@ and pass this on then;

      a Email offer directly and pass on responses
      b Email offer and have telemarketers follow up

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        Start with the a buying market then build the product or service

        Ask the market would this be useful to you first and then ask them to pay for a beta version or give them a discount as an early adopter and then when you have paying customers that love your idea go and make the product or service.

        Let the market vote with their wallets if they are not willing to part with cash on a minimal viable product or service then you have a worthless idea.

        This will save you a lot of time and money and heart break. make stuff that people want to pay money for upfront.

        That immediately tells you if your, idea is worth something?

        I have a software company that builds niche market transactional and process software. We research our market first and then ask them to pay for the software upfront and when we have 10 - 20 people who deposit money in our accounts then we go and start coding until then we don't invest 1 cent or any time building the idea before we get actual paying customers who love what we are about to make them. This strategy also ensure that you have an instant customer base for your product or service.

        Your product sounds like http://localizerleadtool.com/

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    I agree with JohnLogar

    If you can find paying customers before you build it - happy days.
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