Key Elements Of A Good Local Website

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For a lead generation campaign, I'd like to e-mail video presentations to prospects about the elements a good local website should have.

Obviously, it's about giving away valuable information and education and building trust in the process. So in the end, I can provide the solution to them in the form of an optimized local website. Hopefully

Any suggestions?
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    Build 1 to 3 sites and rank them for your targeted industry. Ensure they convert. Show them your ranking and conversion ability and you'll make sales.

    Most people try selling offline with no evidence of ability. If you can demonstrate you know what you're doing and get results, you'll have interested prospects. In your video presentation, show your sites and the fact they rank at the top of search engines.

    Also, consider offering a deal where they pay you commissions or leads for new biz (you retain ownership of the sites). This way the risk is on you, but if you succeed in generating business, you're well paid.

    I used to own an offline business and was bombarded with sales pitches by all kinds of marketers who talked a good talk but couldn't prove to me they could get results. However, before I started my own marketing efforts, I did pay one company $10K because they showed me several sites that ranked #1. They provided me references of their clients who I called. These clients raved about the service. I happily paid $10K to the company ... and earned that back more than 30 fold since then from their site. I learned a lot from them and deployed my own campaigns.

    Take 3 months and rank a few sites and then start selling. You can charge a lot more for a ranked site than just a design. After all, your prospects want new business, not just a pretty site.

    If SEO isn't your thing, generate traffic with other methods. The key is that you can approach prospects with a video that shows them that you can get them business fast and plenty of it.
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