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Hey everybody,

My question today is how would you go about using any internet marketing tactics to help raise money for a fundraiser?

I am working on raising money for a festival that is using kickstarter to raise the money. Have any of you ever worked on promoting a kickstarter or have any experience working to promote a project that needed to raise money? (may not have been worded the best way)

I will provide any useful information you may need in order to answer the question. Anything will help.

Thanks in advance.
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    I worked with a small game company that used kickstarter for funding, however, it was an unsuccessful campaign despite positive feedback about the game.

    There are a few things I learned about promoting kickstarter campaigns:
    1. Get the word out about the product/service and in your case festival BEFORE launching.

    I think of kickstarter campaigns like movies. The movie industry puts out trailers of movies prior to the movie releasing in theaters to build buzz and give people an idea of what they're going to see.

    If no one knows about the kickstarter until the day it's launched, it's going to be a lot harder to get funding. Again, this is just from my experience.

    If you can get an article (press release) written by some sites related to the festival do that.

    Also know what kind of people (demographic) will attend the festival and go where they hangout.

    For example, in the game industry, lots of gamers tend to like things like Comic-Con. So I'd go to forums related to things you'd find at Comic-con, so lots of superheroes for starters & get involved in the forums.

    2. Use Twitter and Facebook from the start. What I mean by this is not just tweeting and letting everyone know about the kickstarter page, but thank the people that pledge.

    I did google searches for the names of people that pledged. I found that most people that I googled that pledged had enough information on their kickstarter profile (which isn't much) for me to compare to twitter accounts. So, I followed them and also thanked them for pledging.

    The idea in this is to show you care about the community of people supporting your kickstarter and the possibility that their friends and followers will be curious about what they donated to and check out the page.

    So I always said something simple like 'thanks for donating to shortened-kickstarter-link @twitter-user" ... I also changed up the wording every few tweets, so it wouldn't be redundant and not sound/look like it's just copied and pasted.

    Those are the tips I have for you with the internet. The biggest pitfall for the company I tried helping was not getting the word out about anything they were doing until after the kickstarter launched.

    Good luck!
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    Like the subject.Need more information as well.

    Fred J.

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