send documentation on a cold call?

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Hi there,

I am thinking about making my goal to send documentation on the first cold call.

I know that in the telemarketing world, sending email is usually a dead end.

but the thing is I set appointments, I don't close the deal, and the official policy is that most cold calls aren't going to end in an appointment anyway(but rather the second or third call).

The sales process is so long 3-4 months+ if email or fax is going to take 1 week more, I don't care because Imost likely, I will have to follow up anyway.

What do you think of this?
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    I will share with you what I am doing.

    1) We start off by calling the contact and asking for the decision maker
    Normally, they will tell me the email address, rarely the direct no.

    2) Email them with a proposal - You can include a case study or a 'how to' to value add into the proposal

    3) call to follow up and ask for appointment. The email is actually an excuse to follow up with them

    4) Depending on what you are selling. For us, we offer to improve their landing page and one thing we do is to send a simple diagnostics of their website to them.

    The essential key is to establish yourself as an expert through value adding. It could be a solution, advice etc.

    "Always add value first" - That is the secret formula for prospecting.
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    Hi there,

    We follow up with a FedEx if we're cold calling America, or a DHL package if we're cold calling another country. Our phone team's only task is to find out if someone would be mildly interested and whether they have the money to spend. Then, we send them a nice package by courier and follow up after we know they've received the package. It's a lot of cost upfront but LCV makes it worth it.

    All the best,

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