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Right - i made 3 videos in different niches.

electrician in ******
plumber in *****
locksmith in *****

uploaded to youtube, did all the usual seo and they all popped up around page 3-4 after a day.

2 days later i can't find them anywhere in google. Only 2 of them show in the google video results and also really strange only 2 of them show up in youtube. One of them is not listed even with the exact keyword search.

I have looked at my youtube channel to see if it or any of the videos have been flagged etc --- nothing.

Any ideas here. I am considering starting again, never had this happen before.

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    Yes you perform SEO, especially the name has no typo mistakes.
    The thing is that, in order to get it on top of search engines, there must
    be at least enough audiences who have viewed your videos.
    Try contacting your friends through email or whatever communication medium and let them view your videos, of course give them links to those videos.

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    How did you format the videos description?
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      Originally Posted by wlasikiewicz View Post

      How did you format the videos description?
      I just wrote a generic description about each niche about 200 words long for each sprinkling keywords throughout, relevant tags and title and the video file for each one was named using the keywords
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    HI there,

    You might try getting a bunch of Fiverr views (several thousand) but be careful, they'll flag you as spam if it's not co-ordinated properly.

    All the best,

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    Hi, I just searched for your video, and the plumbers one came up in video results as #2.

    As for organic results, it may be that there is more competition, so maybe use different keywords to filter that out.

    "If you don't quit, you can't fail"
    Success will follow.

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    Increase the popularity of your videos with comments, views (complete views), etc and you'll find it popping up again
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