Back in The (Warrior) Saddle Again

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Just checking and saying "hi". Been a little bit since I have been on the WF and active. I have been more of a "drive by reader" of late and not posting much if at all.

Glad to see the "offline" section so active with so many different ideas and variations of strategies! It seems like yesterday there were only a handful of us targeting this niche, now there are tons of us, which helps to expand ideas and push the envelope on new markets.

I suppose, since I have been off in the land of work, I should re-introduce myself...

My name is Keith (loud "Hi Keith" chant arises from the room) and I have been heavily involved in the offline niche since before it was called "offline". I have been catering to local businesses for almost 5 years now, working for myself the entire time.

I was so involved at one point I did start and run a forum dedicated to this ( which I sold about 2-3 years ago. SINCE then, although I still cater to local businesses, I have shifted my entire biz model to the "entertainment" industry, which I have found to be much more lucrative and the services are something my clients know they need and have the money to spend on it as their return on investment is immediate and easily measurable.

So, other than that, that's me in a nutshell (sounds rather damn boring now that I was just able to truncate the last 6 years of my life into a few paragraphs).

Plan to be much more active, hope to participate more here at the place that helped me get my feet wet in IM.

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    Welcome back. I'm glad to have another "experience rich" Offline Warrior to contribute to the discussions.

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