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Hi offliners,

is there any ways to remove or get rid of negative remarks that show up on local business owner's google + account?

What would you do if your client had a negative remark on theirs?


P.S- Is google+ the most important , when it comes to rep management?
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    If it is a negative review there is no real way to remove it. Wasn't sure if that is what you meant. Beyond that the best way to handle negative is flood it with positive. 1 bad in a sea of dozens of positives will be lost.

    Help the client build a plan to get their raving fans to leave reviews. We did that and have one of the highest ratings on google for Rv dealers.
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    It also helps to have the business owner respond appropriately to the negative review
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      Originally Posted by kebertt View Post

      It also helps to have the business owner respond appropriately to the negative review
      that is typically the best way and it takes minimal effort and goes a long way
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    If you receive a negative comment, try to reply to that comment with your acceptable justification as soon as you can.

    If the comment is very bad then positive flooding is a good way.

    Also as said in the previous post, try to canvas your fans to post for you.

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      i think genuine negative comments deserve their place. Why try to get of or hide them? That is a dis-service to prospective customers who appreciate real reviews good or bad, and also gives the proprietor an opportunity to respond in a positive way.
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    Excellent posts, TY. I agree that having a business owner, reply asap is a great solution. Can they reply to bad reviews on their google reviews? I also, kinda figured that the way to solve, this issue is to flood the site with tons of positive reviews.

    Thanks again
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    There are two ways and you have to use them both:

    1. Plenty of positive reviews.

    2. Proper business owner comment
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  • Negative reviews are not always bad. Studies show that if there are only positive reviews, consumers tend to be skeptical of all of them. A few negative reviews actually every review more believable.

    They accept a few negative reviews because they know it is almost impossible for a business to deliver perfect service to everyone. As you say, though, they like to see the business owner respond to the negative comment with a constructive response, and a genuine offer to fix the problem or do better the next time.
    Marketing is not a battle of products. It is a battle of perceptions.
    - Jack Trout
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    Responding can either turn the negative review positive OR people will see that the owner has personally taken the time to address the issue, which shows that they care and have good customer service.
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    Owner should respond to both negative and positive reviews.
    It shows they care and gives prospects a slice of who they are dealing with.
    I get lots of customer compliments because I respond to all reviews.

    In my case, most people can see our negatives are from people who were expecting too much, or were having a bad day. Also, the more reasonable negatives just show that we are the 1964 built hotel that we are.

    "If you think you're the smartest person in the room, then you're probably in the wrong room."

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