What methods are you using to generate leads for your clients?

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Are you using Adwords? SEO? Other? I would like to know more about generating leads for my clients. Could you suggest any WSOs or websites where I can learn more about this?
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  • Hello sitekrafters, welcome to the forum. You have a broad question. Can you narrow it down by sharing what niche you are in?

    Meanwhile, try this one:

    Marketing is not a battle of products. It is a battle of perceptions.
    - Jack Trout
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    You do need to narrow it, but main ways:

    Social Media
    FB Ads

    Anywhere you can find traffic, you can get leads assuming you have a proper conversion system setup and are targeting the right people and keywords.

    There are certain industries that are better for certain traffic types than others, but the above applies to many industries.
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    I have a few local biz clients, and on top of the popular things like (SEO, PPC, Social Media)... I found Youtube to work great if you have a good call to action in the end of the video + It's really easy to rank those videos for the local keywords.
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    YT videos are good but conversions are lower.
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    Hi there,

    Don't forget about offline methods of lead generation. Take example from Google - they send out coupons and mailers on a very frequent basis using the plain old mail service.

    All the best,

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      "Offline Legion" (by DareDevil Marketing) is the BEST WSO I've found.

      It shows how to get Vids on page 1 AND....how to get potential clients to PAY for your vids.

      Don Alm
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        Before I even talk about generating leads (which always has
        a cost) I want to increase the lifetime value of their customers
        and prospects.

        That way each lead is going to be worth a lot more money
        so there's a much bigger margin for error when you are
        generating leads.

        One of the easiest and most overlooked ways of increasing
        the value of customers and prospects is to follow up with
        them by email.

        If you have email that educates prospects and customers on
        why they should do business with your client and why they
        should buy another product or service from them etc etc
        then they're going to be making more sales and profits.

        And many businesses already have substantial numbers of
        people walking into their premises every day so that in
        itself can be a very lucrative profit center.

        One tip on a "free" way of generating leads...online
        classified ads are becoming very lucrative for many businesses
        in many areas.

        So placing those ads effectively is likely to become a serious
        business all in its own.

        Kindest regards,
        Andrew Cavanagh
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