Do Flyers Still Work?

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So, I'm thinking of using flyers to spread my coupon code around a few major cities in the US (hiring through Fiverr)

Is this going to just be wasted money? Do people even use flyers anymore? Do they convert?
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    Most don't work because they are off target with their thinking
    on what they will respond to.

    Get that fixed and yes they will work.

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    Of course they are as effective as in the past, you just need to twist it the right way.
    What I did was find a good pps dating network, search for two cute girls handing out the flyers and made them a profile as well. They went to various colleges and they gave a flyer to every male person throughout the campus and flirted a little bit with them. Then they proceeded to write their usernames on the flyer and there you go: highly targeted males who are just looking for their chance.
    Out of 1000 flyers, around 40 of them converted.

    Kindest regards,
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    Not so much in big cities like LA where people get fliers often. I have had great offers and had some placed onto peoples cars, some placed on front porches and also handed many to folks directly with a crew and most people did not want to be bothered or even took the time to visit the webpage for quality offers like 2 for 1 meals that I knew should have had more action. I have heard it works in other places though where the population has not seen so much of it. If you have a well designed flyer with a great offer, one day in LA you can do alright and another day it can be a bust.
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    Hi there,

    The city has nothing to do with the effectiveness.

    Our clients repurpose ads into flyers and use tracking phone numbers to gauge their effectiveness. One flier became so popular (clients actually photocopied it) that our client turned it into a mini-booklet and gave it away.

    They key is to choose the recipient wisely.

    Just blanketing flyers all over the place is going to provide frustrating results. Being targeted with your distribution (that is distributing to a qualified group) will be far more successful.

    Of course, the message has also to be on point.

    All the best,

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    Flyers still does work ! As long as you present your message in a way that should be.

    You'll get conversions !

    Also ask fivvers to provide proof of work after paying them for flayers. I've been scammed couple of times on fivver. so make sure you are hiring the right person.
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    Hi there,

    Getting scammed on fiverr is like losing some change. You get what you pay for.

    All the best,

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    Flyers work but the design, copy and targeting must be right.

    Many flyer campaigns fail because best practice isn't followed, then they denounce flyers as a waste of time.

    Nothing works when you do it wrong.
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      Originally Posted by user2153 View Post

      Flyers work but the design, copy and targeting must be right.

      Many flyer campaigns fail because best practice isn't followed, then they denounce flyers as a waste of time.

      Nothing works when you do it wrong.
      Exactly, this pretty much nailed it on the head. Why not be creative? Why not engage the audience with your promotion. Many times I get stuck with a flyer it goes into the bin because a) I have no need for it and b) It doesnt engage me enough.
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    This will depend on your location and your target. Who is your target market? Homeowners? Businessmen? Learn how to reach them and where they can be found. They will convert if you distribute it in the right places.
    Need help in LEADS for your business? Ask me on how to generate qualified and targeted leads from appointment setting and lead generation campaigns through calling, social media and email marketing.
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    I have always said that flyers are just as effective now as they always have been. As long as you put alot of effort into your flyers and make sure you state exactly what it is you have to offer to the people that see the flyer then it will work well. Having a flyer that looks interesting as well is always a plus.

    All In One Advertising Online

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    that depends on your offer and the location you are placing the flyers. I am placing flyers for a work at home affiliate programs. over the course of time i have posted enough flyers to generate over $100 daily. Whatever you do be consistent!!
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    Yes flyers still work and they will work in the future as well. But as mentioned before the design, colour and theme has to be right. Also the product needs to be right.

    For example if you are selling a lawn cutting service to people and the area you give out flyers does not have a lawn in 200 miles they will do no good.

    So the product needs to be more mass appeal and remember it is a numbers game, the more you give out the more will do the selling for you.

    Helping people with Auction Selling

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    Distrubuting flyers never worked for me so I have gave up and I think news paper ads and local news paper pamphlets really work for me to get good business
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    I will always look at a beautiful flyer.
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    I use flyers in my busines services company (B2B). You need to have a call to action and be able to provide an easy way for them to get information (lead capture page with very specific information to the offer or even a 'request for quote' fax form for them to return). My biggest obstacle is getting a 1099 contractor to be consistent enough on a regular basis.
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    Yes. I have clients that fill classes with flyers. I have other clients that use flyers as the sole means of advertising their services.

    It is difficult for a business with a single shot sale. Therapists tend to do well and people with classes because they have repeat business built in with their service.

    Events can also do well with flyers.

    Flyers can be used to reinforce other campaigns.

    When I run classes about 1/3 to half of the students come from flyers.

    I use the same design on my flyers that I use on FaceBook ads and Google Display ads.
    It provides another way to get the message out locally.

    David Alger
    Thumbtack Bugle We Get the Word Out

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    Yes, it is a easy way to promote an offer. I usually use it on FL USA But using fiverr is not a good idea.
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    Yes, but don't make them look all scammy, for example, none of this "Make Money online", "Get rich online" business, because it's obviously a ploy.

    Good luck!
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