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I'm going into webhosting business. And I want to advertise my website with AdWords, currently I hired a local SEO company to start building links and optimizing my website. I'm trying to go local.

My budget for AdWords is $800/month. Will this bring me some customers in the first month? I'm not offering unlimited packages, because I don't want to. I put accent on quality, not quantity.

Before I start with AdWords I want to add a popup on the site, which will show the visitor that we offer web design and website creation with some packages. Will this popup work to get some clients?

I also thought about advertising in universities and local news paper.

If you have more ideas on how to advertise locally please reply and help me out.
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    Can anyone help me please?
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      You'll need to ensure your landing pages are compliant with googles policies but can I suggest something?

      Well I am going to anyway

      Why not hire a telesales guy who will work in commission only and get them to set up appointments...if they are good they should get you all the business you can handle

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    I suppose flyers and advertising on university entrances will do for the start... hope I will be going in the right direction.
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    Advertising in universities could work if you can offer web hosting free to students, catching them before they start their careers. And they might buy from when they later start their own business, etc. Otherwise please note that universities might already have websites and hence domain name and hosting. Switching to a different host will be very rare.

    You can partner with a web developer and share profits with them.
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    $800/ Month is more than enough to get results with.

    I know just the way that you can cut that advertising cost in half to. The thing about advertising on google search in some markets is that the cost is going to be high as you know what.

    So you have to use other google alternatives to decrease cost and still get the same quality customer that your looking for.

    I do not recommend you use a pop up. Especially for AdWords! You will get flagged quick.

    The key to AdWords is not to use trickery but to you use authenticity and try to connect with every use that visits your page.

    If you want we can link up on skype and I'd love to help you out to make sure you get the most bang for your buck! Just PM me and let me know!
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    Pop Ups are not allowed on Adwords. Your site will get suspended and it will be an annoying process to get it unsuspended. Your best bet is to have some kind of special offer on the page you direct customers to on Adwords.

    You don't offer unlimited packages? Pretty much every web host these days offers unlimited bandwidth, e-mail accounts, and unlimited domains for as low as $5 or so a month. These are quality hosts.

    What do you mean when you say you are focused on quality ? You will have some convincing to do against your competition.

    I think if your offer is good in price compared to other web hosting customers you will do well. There is very high search volume in web hosting, but conversions are tough due to so many options.
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