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I'm starting the Bob Ross 9x12 postcard method. I've been doing emailing, and I have a couple appointments setup. I have a receipt book, but I'm worried that I need to bring some kind of contract that sets up the terms of the sale, when the postcard will be going out by, the offer, etc. Does anyone have an example contract, or something I can go off of to create my own? Thanks
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    Unless they bring it up, I really wouldn't worry about contracts unless it's brought up. If he or she really like you, they will work with you on a long term basis. If you really want a contract, Google a sample one or have one made up by a lawyer, for terms you & the owner can agree on.
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    Bob Ross has a reasonably priced document package available that does include a sales contract.
    The contract is to protect you.
    It's amazing how many fine and upstanding business owners will try to haggle over the price after the fact, and weasel out of their agreement for the stupidest reasons. So when you're counting on so and so, to fill a space, then they back out,,, that can disrupt your routine.

    The sales contract protects you.

    A real business uses contracts.
    Go to a Tool Rental bizz and rent a $30 saw = CONTRACT
    Go to a mechanic and get a tire repaired = CONTRACT
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      I used a very simple "Ad Agreement", didn't collect a deposit, and got 100% payment using paypal when they approved the final ad design.

      The only time I ever got "burned" was when we did take a 50% upfront deposit...the advertiser bailed after we did his ad...we kept the deposit and sold his space at a small discount to another advertiser. He never asked for his money back- it was a weird one.

      Point being there are different ways to build your business- based on how you want to work with people.
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    I prefer a monthly membership model. No contracts. Collect the monthly membership on a recurring billing. Client can cancel any time.
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      Heya, I bought Bob Ross's WSO a couple of years back. I'm finally starting to do it. But I'd like to go over the WSO again.

      Unfortunately my mac died and took the whole shebang with it. Does anybody know how I can get in touch with him?

      Or would any of you guys doing it like to start up a private facebook group to share ideas. I'm not trying to do a wso, just would like some input if anybody has experience in this.
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        I like the monthly membership model as well. I don't do contracts- I've had no problem with it. Once they quit though (if they do) ...I don't let them back in...I make sure they know this.

        Join my private Facebook very active facebook group and learn the secrets of selling print advertising to offline businesses.

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          how does the monthly membership work
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        Hi Howard88,

        Bob Ross is a member here on the Warrior Forum. You can find his profile at:

        View Profile: bob ross

        Hope this helps.
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    I make an exclusive group available to business owners--no contracts..but I only work with one type of business per postcard in a particular area. so I create some scarcity if they do well with the postcard (I make sure their offer is Irresistible---so they'll get a great response)..then they are happy to re up on the next mailing every 4-6 weeks. Yes swk--my method still works for me--and very well. I don't do any face to face meetings or pound the pavement either...I do all my deals over the phone by talking up the benefits of the mailing--not just the features.

    Join my private Facebook very active facebook group and learn the secrets of selling print advertising to offline businesses.

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