Comprehensive List Of Business Directories For Citations

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Hey Warriors,

I'm putting together this list of business directories based on my own resources and other lists I have discovered online. I am updating and re-organizing the list of directories today and I figured some of you might find this list useful for your own businesses, your client's businesses, etc:

Business Directories | Confident Brand

Let me know if you think the list is missing any major directories so far. Sorry for the lame default Wordpress and slight chaos on the page right now as I am busy organizing a lot of content. I'll be updating and organizing the list today and throughout the weekend.

Most of the directories in this list are free, but some require payment. You should be aware that these directories have various verification processes that often require e-mail or phone confirmation, and these registration/verification/confirmation procedures often change.

If anyone has any relevant business directories they think should be included and they want me to add them to this evolving list, please post and discuss your suggestions here. I started out with hundreds of directories over the last few years and now I've got thousands of URLs to check and organize, so my apologies if the list contains a few dupes, is unorganized in places, and what not.

Most of the citation service providers' lists that they make public, I have found they usually only list a hundred or two hundred or so of the popular directories. Most of the local SEO resources I have been browsing don't list more than a hundred or so, at least most of the ones I've found. So I am trying to collect a much larger, organized list of business directories and make it available to everyone that might find it useful.

I'll keep this thread updated with my progress when I can. Almost finished re-organizing the "D's" now! I am trying to get them all organized into a few different categories. The first few hundred and the majority covered on the list are essentially "general" directories that will accept most types of businesses from all areas of the U.S. Below those, I am grouping the appropriate directories into "Industry-Specific" and "City-Specific" etc...

I've got thousands of URL's here, so if you've got some lists of citation opportunities feel free to share them and let's compile a MASSIVE resource of business directories.
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