Gmail Changes: Why you shouldn't be worried

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Here is a post by Mia Davies. You can read it or not. Her post isn't the answer the first two comments from Amanda & Vikki (quoted below) are the answer. This is what real people think about the changes.
New Gmail Changes Are Hurting Your Business (Here’s What To Do About It) | Mia Davies, Passion, Purpose & Prosperity

Originally Posted by Amanda

I've tried to figure out why this is a problem, and I just can't. It actually makes it easier for me to see all the email sent to me, as it's all sorted out, so when I click on each tab, an individual email in its category is more likely to be right near the top, rather than pushed down by all the other new email. And each tab always tells you how many new emails are there at a glance, before you click over to them, so you know there is something new waiting there! The stuff that hits my primary inbox is the stuff most likely to be missed by me. All you business owners, I am actually ~more~ likely to see your email with the sorted Gmail. Change may be scary, or just irritating, but it's not always a bad thing.
Amanda just pointed out a very good point. By sorting the emails it makes it easier to not get drowned out by the volume many people get in their inbox. So in her case and in many other cases they are now more likely to see your message.

Originally Posted by Vikki

I actually enjoy the new configuration because the business emails that I read the most end up in the promotions section, and I can go right to them, without having to sift through find what I am looking for. The concept is a good one. Maybe the terminology that Google uses to name the categories needs to be upgraded... Or maybe we should have the option of naming our own categories. Good looking out, Mia! Thanks for the post!
Here Vikki points out that for her the promotions tab is the one she actually will focus on most.

So why are people worried?

Because they don't know rather their list actually wants to read what they send.
Seems pretty clear to me that this issue has nothing to do with Gmail's changes. If people are not viewing your emails now they likely were not viewing them before.

So what do I do?
Simple - Give Me A Reason
Give me great content and I will read every email. Personalize it and I will open every email. If your email is "Must See TV" they will read it.

So worry less about what Gmail or any other email host does and worry more about what you can do. The things you can control will always make more of a difference to your business than anything Google does.
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    I see the concern, but I access most of my email on my phone and it doesn't filter it. I assume we all (or most) access their email on their phone and probably see the messages.

    Yes, send excellent, valuable content and I will read it every time. It doesn't matter what folder it is in.

    For IMers, I think this is a great thing as I can easily filter the bullshit.
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      Gmail actually did a similar thing years ago. It is
      called your spam folder.

      It is amazing how something happens like this and
      a majority of the people become Chicken Little and
      start screaming the sky is falling.

      There is a thread near this one that says Host gator has
      been sold and I'm Screwed.

      Just roll with it. If they zig you can zag. I think they
      call this life--get over yourself and adapt.
      Do the right thing---
      Because it is the right thing to do
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