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I am wondering what is the best Photoshop replacement, let me explain, I don't want to do the graphic work etc, but many of my clients send me PSD files which I then forward onto my outsourced team.

What I want is something that I can open the PSD file in and see what it is and that its not corrupted etc (as some files often are so it saves time if I see it and get straight back to client) , I am not looking for something that will allow me to do any changes or work to the graphics. Unless there's a free version of Photoshop.

Any ideas or pointers be great, cheers
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    I don't really think there's going to be a good alternative for what you want to be honest. One of the biggest problems will be font substitution. If your designer is using a font that you don't have on your computer, then it will be substituted for something it thinks is close.

    Even if you have PSD you'll still run into this issue. That's why anything the designer sends should be in PDF format with the fonts embedded so you can view it with no problem.
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    What Bob says is right IMO.

    You can open and edit PSDs in GIMP (free), but it's obviously not as good as using Photoshop. I've used it for a couple of edits successfully though.
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    just google and you will find many free replacement / photoshop alternatives. but no one will give you 100% result ,
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    Irfanview will allow viewing of psds.
    Gimp will allow viewing and editing.

    Both are free
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    I use it works great as a photoshop alternative.
    and it's FREE.
    Mobiusman talks about the Head Brain/Gut Brain system. Did you know you have two different brains?
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    Wow, smart people think alike. I was just looking at some alternatives today myself, lol.

    The sales person that I was talking to today told me about Photoshop Elements.

    He said what the company done was to take only the most common used tools and techniques and put those into Photoshop Elements.

    And that elements is more for the everday folk than the professional.

    So it is a cheap, less robust version of Photoshop.

    At least that is what I was told.

    Here is what the Adobe website says about Photoshop and Photoshop Elements

    Adobe Community: FAQ: Why is Photoshop Elements cheaper? What's different about Photoshop?
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  • Theres some free sources you can use on the web if your serious about those PSD's.
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