Any Tracking Tools That Do This?

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Do any of you guys know of any tracking tools or software available that can calculate the cost of a lead, cost of sale and ROI across multiple media?

I'm looking to provide detailed reporting for clients, without having to do this manually.


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    Seems to me if their POS system can't do this that you would be stuck manually entering the info anyways. if that is the case all you need to do is collect the data and make a simple excel sheet to do the math.

    For each media you would want the following.
    1. Ad Spend
    2. Leads (will have to find a way to track this accurately)
    3. Sold Tickets to those leads
    4. $ Sold to those leads
    5. Profit to their leads

    Just enter that in for each and set the calculations to give you the data you want.

    Now collecting this data may be hard depending on what reports their POS/CRM can provide and how you are tracking each media.
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