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Am considering adding monthly call tracking for my customers as a foot in the door service.

So I'll offer 3 packages: $49/69/99/mo: x phone numbers, x minutes. no setup, no contract. I've got a white labelled online dashboard and reporting software.

Obviously this will only be for businesses who are using multiple marketing tactics or have multiple ads which is who I'm targeting with my higher ticket services any way.

Actually, I could see this as being fairly lucrative since I'm guessing the avg lifetime value will probably be pretty high since its not one of those $1000 mo. services that they aren't sure what its doing anything for them and could be a lot less likely to get cut. Plus I can show them results right away.

The main selling point of course will be to help them know which ads/campaigns give the best roi. And since apparently advertisers are fast moving to performance based marketing, this seems like a no brainer.

What do you guys think?

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    I think you should be careful to not change the phone number on their website, or google places account to a tracking number, as that will mess up the consistency of their citations across the web. It could damage their rankings in Google Places, etc.

    I'm not implying that what you're doing is flawed. I'm just trying to be helpful and give you a heads-up for something that you may not have considered. Good luck to you.

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    A way to get your foot in the door might be to offer a cross
    promotion between 2 businesses. This introduces you to both
    businesses at the same time.

    They'll be doing the tracking, via gift certificate or coupon.

    A simple campaign that puts money in the business owner's pocket
    puts you in very good position with them.
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    If anyone has any thoughts on why this might not be a good idea, I would love to hear.
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    I think it's a great idea for businesses that do a lot of print advertising. Who offers this white label service if you don't mind giving me a little whisper....

    Also, it would be great if you could tie this door opener into something else as an upsell. What that something else is...I'd have to think about it.

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      Originally Posted by PaulintheSticks View Post


      Joe Troyer is offering the platform in an open WSO.

      I think you should take this idea and run with it. Pick up every local print publication you see and get going!

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        I have worked with cross promotion before and it works really well, i have business owners using the services of other business owners now, and they refer on new customers!! Get businesses talking to each other and you being the middle man get paid for the services
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    To add onto that idea of cross promotion, trust me, it works well.

    I once sold multiple services to a hair salon and a barbershop nearby. They were in similar fields, but one focused more on women while others were for men.

    I told the hair salon owner that if I could promote some of their advertising in the barbershop and they would reciprocate, it would be a win-win situation.

    When girls go to a hair salon with their men, their guys will see the flyers and brochures to the barbershop nearby for them. It works the same way for the girls when they visit a barbershop.

    It is great to do cross promotion. I know that this is completely off topic. All i am saying is that you should never underestimate the power of bringing two similar businesses together. Something small like bringing two businesses together for advertising together could bring your foot in their door.
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    I think its a pretty good idea but I do have a little concern about what Jay had to say about Google Local but other then that I think you should do well.

    Keep us up to date on how you make out ?

    Best of luck to you ....
    PS Where is Fire and Rain???????
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      Originally Posted by ATAC View Post

      Best of luck to you ....
      PS Where is Fire and Rain???????
      Thanks ATAC.
      Oh yea,
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      Originally Posted by ATAC View Post

      I think its a pretty good idea but I do have a little concern about what Jay had to say about Google Local but other then that I think you should do well.
      What does Google Local have to do with anything? Unless I am missing the main strategy here.

      If I put an ad in Valpak every single month, then maybe I want to put a tracking number on the ad so I can see if I am wasting money. If I also put an ad in the local gazette, then maybe I want to track that too just to see if anyone is calling from that.

      There are so many businesses who advertise in every single community mailer/magazine that is out there. Google has nothing to do with it.

      Ok, I understand that people could want to track online stuff too, but that is not the point I see. And as a side note, if the majority of your income is based on what Google prefers, then you have a flawed business model. Ride the wave until it crashes though. But don't start crying when you end up broke.

      However, if I want to change every number on my website, Yelp, YP, whatever...then that is what I am going to do. If I wanted to be told what I could do based on what another company decides, then I'd own a franchise.

      It's something to keep in mind, ok, I'll give you that. But it's hardly a concern as far as proceeding with this business strategy.

      /end google rant/

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    So in this case, you're talking about calling
    every local business you see that has a print
    ad and asking them how they know their ad
    is working? And if they want to hear about
    a solution for seriously tracking their print dollars?
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    Jeremy, I'm targeting anyone that's using multiple marketing channels - print, tv, radio, adwords, facebook, yp, etc. The more channels and the more they rely on phone calls, the more valuable the service would be. Currently doing some calling to get a handle on the market for this service.
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