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I'm curious if anyone here is doing what I call, "Videos On Spec"..... creating videos for businesses with the Name of the business in Title (Johnson Pest Control) ....... Branding the videos with a businesses Logo, Name & Contact Info....uploading to YT and ranking for the businesses Name (Johnson Pest Control)

Then, when video is on Page 1 (which shouldn't be hard cause you're ranking for a business Name and not a Keyword)....send email to prospect telling them you've made a video for their business (I call these, "Web Commercials") and they can see it by clicking the Link and if they're interested in the video, to contact the producer!

I've made videos for Restaurants by going in and showing owner a video I made for another restaurant AND....I'd like to make a similar video for his restaurant..."at NO obligation", all I need is his permission to take some digital photos...make the video and bring it back in a couple of days and show it to him.

I've had VERY good success with this however now, instead of visiting prospects in person....I'd like to pull some photos off their website and make a video (I use PhotoStory3 for it's zooming feature) the video with the businesses Name (as above)....upload to YT, get it ranked for the biz Name....then contact the biz telling them that I've made a "Web Commercial" for them.....etc.

Anyone know anyone doing this????

Don Alm
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      Be very careful.

      I tried this in the spring and one biz owner i created a video for in the way you are describing chewed me a new one, threatening legal action as i had taken pictures from her site without permission created a video, ranked it in google and uploaded it to youtube.

      Moral, create a generic video to show them and if they like it then proceed with one for their biz
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        I'm with Zimbezee. As an offline business owner, I would not appreciate you using my business name and logo in something I didn't approve of. It is presumptuous and you really have no right to do so. Create a generic and ask me, and I might be open. Put my name out there in a way that I might not like, and I can see where a business owner might threaten legal action. I had an experience like that once where someone made a website for me (I had one already) with my name on it and tried to shove it down my throat. It was removed, but legal action had to be threatened.

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        I have done something kinda similar in the past. What I did was have a nice 2 minute "talking head" green screen video created for a specific type of business, and then I used a nice looking "virtual set" for the background (so that it looked like a really expensive video). The guy in the video simply described the top benefits that this kind of business could offer to a typical customer, and it used some powerful copywriting triggers to really "sell" the need for that business to the person watching the video.

        Although the video used phrases like "we can do x for you.... etc etc", it did not mention the specific name of any business. So what I did is upload this video to my website, then wrote a jQuery script that overlaid my prospect's business name and phone number in a nice looking font in the lower third of the video, in real time (so that it looked like it was actually part of the video).

        What that allowed me to do was create a video that looked like it was customized for each prospect, in literally about 5 seconds per prospect, by pasting each prospect's business name and phone # in a form on my site.

        Then I contacted each prospect in this niche via email and told them that I had created a nice video that described the best benefits of their company to their prospective customers, then gave them the link to the video, and asked them what they thought about it (I didn't mention anything about price at this point -- I simply asked them what they thought about the video).

        Then for the ones who replied with interest, I told them how I created the video, and that I would only be selling the video to *one* business in each city (each video customized with the businesses name and phone #, and if desired, also their logo). And I told them that I had contacted a handful of other prospects in their city, and that the video would go to the first business that was interested in it ("scarcity" is a powerful motivator ). And I kept my word... I only sold the (customized) video to one business in each city.

        I simply picked a city then emailed 10 businesses in that niche in that city. And if no one out of the 10 were interested, I would email 10 more, and repeat the process until I sold one video in that city (it normally didn't take more than 30 or 40 emails in each city to make a sale). Then I would repeat the process in another city. I experimented with a handful of different price points between $150 and $295, but if I recall correctly, I sold most of them at $175. And I would help them embed the video on their website, if they needed help with that (only takes a couple minutes).

        I could have also offered to upload their video to YouTube, and get it ranked, etc., for an additional fee, but I didn't want to mess around with any of that stuff, so all I did was just sell the video to them, and they could do whatever they wanted to with it.

        I did pretty good with that for a while, and had a killer ROI. The first 2 sales I made paid for 100% of the production costs as well as the "virtual set". Then every video I sold after that (which only took me a few minutes to customize and render, because I had already created the "template" in advance), was pure profit.

        I did that until I had all of the big cities in the US in that particular niche covered. I've thought about repeating the process with a different niche, but haven't done it yet, as it requires a LOT of emailing to make a full-time income with this business model. And I'm not a big fan of spending half of each day sending out and replying to emails. I may do this again though... and outsource the email / order fulfillment part.

        Anyhoo... just wanted to share a pretty good business model that works well if you do it right.

        I agree with zimbizee and umc though... NEVER use a businesses logo, website images, etc., without first asking their permission to do so. What I did is only put the businesses name and phone number (in plain text) in my prospecting videos, and those prospecting videos were only seen by the business owner, and no one else. Big difference.

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          Yup.....great stuff Brandon. So.....I'm going to use David Cisnero's or Nick Mann's or Mark Helton's videos....put my "Watermark" on them and on the last page place the words, "YOUR LOGO and CONTACT INFO GO HERE"!

          .....upload to my YT Channel and make them "UN-Listed"!

          Then email them to biz in that niche using similar wording .....telling them how THIS Video can make them appear more professional and....I'm sending this note to 9 competitors and first one who wants it, gets it.

          I'm going to refer to my videos as "Web Commercials".

          And....when a prospect shows interest by asking "How Much?" fee is $185 initially (for me to Personalize the vid with their info).....then, $185 to post it on YT for the KeyWord...."Their Business Name"! and get it on page 1 for "their Biz Name"!

          Ex: "Johnson Pest Control" When "Johnson Pest Control" is googled, up comes a full color Thumbnail for their Video.

          So....for my "initial service" I collect $370!

's where it gets "interesting". I will take this video and make it Generic by using one of MY Phone Numbers (from CallFire) Initially, MY Phone Number will go to the biz that bought my initial video....with a "Whisper" in front of the calls (Here's another Lead from Advantage Marketing)....then the call is connected so my potential "Renter" will KNOW the led is coming from ME!

          Ohhhh....when I get the video set up, I will THEN use 2 or 3 Keywords, upload to YT and optimize the video and get it Ranked on Page 1 for the Keywords.

          And....when I see some calls coming thru to my client, I either phone them or send an email telling them it twas I....who sent the Leads and, if they'd like to continue receiving fee is!

          And....if my client does not want to pay my fee....I simply change MY phone number to re-direct to a competitor!

          Now.....depending on the type of biz, my Monthly Fee will be $150 to $450 per Month!

          So.....this "marketing method" has gotten me "in the door" by sellng them a video....(my upfront expenses are covered).....then, PROVING my program can bring them Leads....should provide a "nice Monthly Income".

          The thing I like about getting "KEYWORD VIDEOS" to provide Leads is, the Video does all "Work"! I just need to see if the videos starts slipping, to send more backlinks or other SEO tools.

          Anyway....I'm giving it a go. Thanks for responding,

          Don guy
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    Yah its a couple of video WSOs that sell this method. Known as the Rank and Flip. The real question is this, is it still as easy to rank videos in todays Google as it was before? That's the rub.

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      I'm selling a Video FIRST (a Web Commercial).......gaining the confidence of the biz....THEN, Ranking the video for KeyWords.

      This has nothing to do with "Websites" or "Domains"! It's VIDEOS! Videos are far easier to rank (imo)!

      Don Alm
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