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I write white papers and case studies for B2B. I created some explainer videos for my own marketing--now a client wants me to make one for them. They are usually 60-90 seconds.

For you folks that make videos: How many edits/revisions do you limit: Two edits? Five?
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    3 edits usually, you can reduce that by having an outline that you and your client both agree upon before you start production.
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    Depends what your price point and profit margins are as to how many revisions you might give. Also if you see potential in the client as a future cash machine then be prepared to go a few steps further than a client who is clearly a one off dead end type.

    If you do them (the videos) yourself and theres no value on your time then that's different , if you outsource them, the above applies even moreso


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    I just did this for client (set of help videos).

    Like Russ said, no more than 3. The ones I did are based on what client said they wanted, and had a couple they wanted some change to verbiage (1 revision).

    And like Mike pointed out, the videos are opening up more marketing for client and referrals.
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    at Ydraw, we allow for 3 edits on the script and 2 edits on the artwork. Obviously we have clients who take advantage of edits and go over the limit. It's a catch 22 and one of those things that every video company will have to deal with.
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