Direct Mailing - How to?

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I've got the addresses of places I want to mail.

I need the cheapest solution possible to mass mail them out a letter/leaflet...
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    Have you tried searching for "direct mail" or "postcard mailers" or any variation of?
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      yes, want to know about people's personal experience..
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        For US market, USPS just come out with an option where you can blanket a area for 15 cent a piece. This is the cost to the direct mail company. Not sure how much they will charge you. The trick here is you have to find the vendor that live in that area to carrier your mail to that location. For example, if you want to blanket Miami, Florida then you need to find the printing company in that area to do it for you.

        Here is the keyword you can search "Every Door Direct Mail is designed for small businesses".
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    Check out any of Bob Ross's products. If you share a postcard with other businesses you can mail for free all day long.
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    I hope you're not "blasting out" a ton of letters that aren't targeted.

    I always get a postcard from a pool cleaning company every other month or so.

    The problem?

    I don't have a pool!

    Moving forward. joeynortel mentioned an awesome solution.

    USPS is a great service to use to mass mail. Sometimes (depending on your printer) the
    company you use to print will offer to mail for you at a discounted rate.
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    Along the lines of what @joeynortel was saying -- EDDM is a pretty good way to go. It's going to be the cheapest (usually) since you are dealing direct with the post office. Take a look for yourself. I believe they have a free kit they will send you with information about the service. Hope this helps!
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    Hi there,

    You appear to be in London, so EDDM won't work for you unless you're specifically targeting the American markets.

    You say, "I've got the addresses of places" - what are these "places"?

    The cheapest solution possible is to market a letter/leaflet to the right market so that your ROI reduces your cost per piece.

    All the best,

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