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I am looking to roll out a quasi-regional final expense insurance sales training program I will run simultaneously with my own personal final expense sales business.

I am looking to recruit around 5-10 agents every quarter who understand the need for sales mentorship in the final expense business, and want an experienced pro to help them overcome the learning curve faster and sell more final expense policies.

Right now I have 4 agents under me, all acquired through word-of-mouth. My next focus is to hit the job boards and Cragslist to generate agent leads.

What advice can you guys who've recruited sales agents give me regarding rolling out a salesperson recruitment program?

I would like to employ a CL job poster for me to do the manual posting, but don't know where to go, so anyone who could refer me a poster would be great.

I guess I'm just curious to see if there's anything I should add into my agent recruitment mix, beyond posting to job boards en masse.

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    Commission or salaried?

    I'm going to guess commission.

    It's not easy. There are many threads about this and it became a fairly hot topic recently.

    This is one of the best threads:

    If you're willing to spend money, (about $500 for a month) and salesgravy (about $200 a month) are alternatives for getting candidates. CL is pretty bad, for the most part. Nothing or crap. You might want to try posting on facebook and asking your friends to share the post around. That has worked well for me.

    Other alternatives are facebook local business networking pages/groups, and linkedin groups. Again, I've had more success with FB...good old "just talking to people."

    Monster has been a disappointment. But I don't have enough samples to say for sure.

    The more carefully you qualify up front, the better the chance they'll stick around. But nothing's ever 100%. The best-looking candidate can wow you, eat up all the training, do well in role plays, and get ready to make dials--only to disappear (possibly because of an illness, death in the family, who knows. Completely out of your control.)
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