Telephone vs. The Autoresponder

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Recently I saw a flyer here in my city that
was obviously promoting a biz opportunity.
The posted flyer was the type where you can
pull off tabs to get more information.

Well, on the tabs there was only a phone
number. I then thought to myself, "I wonder
if this marketer is building a list." and "If so,
their follow up process must be a pain."

For members of the forum, my question is:

Would you rather have your phone blowing
up, or your opt ins filling up?

It seems that if you're answering your phone
the majority of the time, it can take away
from other business building tasks.

What do you think?
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    If the potential customer is calling You, that's a GOOD thing because it allows you to make a connection. For someone to take the time to call you indicates STRONG Interest on your part.

    If You need to call the potential customer, THAT is a waste of time because only about 15% (and falling) of people actually answer their phone if Caller ID shows someone they don't already know....

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    A few things to remember.

    1. The number was likely a recording.
    2. You want to qualify people out to make money. You only have so much time so the less you waste on the unqualified the more you sell.

    So you can see the phone works fine as long as the funnel is designed right. Each step designed to filter out people before they reach you.
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    Good question!

    I'd probably rather have a list. Here's my thoughts....

    - It's a little easier to automate the story telling/pre-qualify prospects via email
    - I can continually market to emails, but not to telephone#
    - If the sale is going to happen over the internet anyway (unless they're handing you cash or a check - which doesn't seem to happen that much anymore) you're gonna end up needing a list.

    But I think Aaron Doud hit it spot on- if the funnel is designed right, telephone can work fine.

    I'm guessing the funnel is more or less built this way:

    someone dials the telephone# (prerecorded message) -> They're told about a live conference call/webinar -> Directed to website (or personal meeting/phone call with sponsor) -> small up-front investment -> Large investments to get the system that just sold you...

    What was the biz opp btw?

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