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Hello there.

I am trying to come up with a legitimate way to make money in the online game. I live in a part of the UK which was hit particularly hard by the recession, and is still nowhere near recovering.

My idea is to set-up a business review site, ie reviewing restaurants/nightspots or plumbers/workmen (I havnt figured out which yet). I figure that if I can rank in top 3-4 for keywords "my city restaurants" or something similar, then it would become very valuable for businesses to be featured on my site.

I guess my question is how difficult would it be to rank for keywords like that? Bearing in mind this is not a major well known city. I would not even know how to go about getting ranked apart from using keyword rich articles etc.

Any ideas?
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      I suggest you study up on seo. If you have no idea how to even get started, you're in for a surprise. Read up.
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        In theory if you built up a trust website, where people who went to your website knew that your reviews were honest and not by the owners of the business you are reviewing then it could work. But remember, if anyone feels that you are getting paid by the outlets then your business will not work.

        It is a catch 22 position, how will you fund your site. If you have adverts from companies that you have reviewed then people are going to think you have written a good review because you have been paid.
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    We wouldn't know how difficult it is to rank keywords like those unless we know the amount of competition. If those keywords have decent amount of competition, then you gotta build a quality professional user-friendly website with good content where the visitor's bounce rate is low and a high average visitor's time on the site.
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      When you are talking about trying to rate you have to know SEO. Internet businesses are so vast now days and SEO is in demand. Articles are a great way to start or even blogs. If you find the correct key words your business may see great success. I know little about SEO other than I write a ton of material that contains keywords for various internet sites. Keywords will make all the difference. It will take a lot of research and understanding of how to find the right key words. I recommend recruiting some help from an expert at first to get the ball rolling. Good luck to you! I always leave SEO up to someone who knows it and I do what I do best write.
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    Firstly, I will say to you that you should learn about Internet marketing.
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    Ranking is just a small factor in the business you are trying to achieve.
    You do not have the whole world that needs this information, you will be selling this to an audience that is not a major city. Research your market. I would first see the size I would be marketing to. Then the specifics (gender, age, job, etc) of the crowd, access to internet, mobile or not, their values, interests etc
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    Hey mate,

    I also live in the UK and once was looking to start something very similar as yourself. The key thing here to ensure you have done market intelligence (Research) covering:

    -What are similar sites in the UK like
    -How do they get paid from traffic
    -If they do SEO/PPC/Display
    -Keywords they rank for
    -Language used on landing pages
    -Is Written Reviews or Video Reviews best working

    Once you have done enough of this I would consider my options for traffic.

    It sounds like you are wanting to get paid quickly hence you mentioning the area you live in being hit by the recession, if this is the case I would focus on paid traffic.

    But no matter what you aim to do if you have no previous experience you will need to learn before going forward.

    If you feel you could rank for certain local words based on research then fine, just ensure you will get enough monthly searches to justify your workload, if you are having difficulties finding enough keywords, then learn how to angle your content to certain broader keywords you fell you could rank for, or focus on another major city like London, Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham, Leeds etc.

    Use this link Largest Cities by Population, UK Cities
    to help get on track.

    Wish you all the best.

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    That market seems to be highly competitive, you would have to spend good money on advertising, classifieds ect.
    Ranking for a keyword is not easy, there are so many factors involved also there is no time guarantee about the results.
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