A real auto-edit video tool for offliners to use.

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I've used this tool to promote some warehouse sales. No editing on my part, just click on video clips and photos to upload, choose a theme, and music and it is auto-edited and generated, and emailed to you. Desktop or mobile application. I did them from my galaxy note3 smart phone.

They are quick and easy to do many simple videos for some introduction video for a client perhaps. As well as ongoing marketing. A great way for facebook marketing, getting people to like/share your page/event. You can go into a business and literally have the video in minutes. What a great demo that would be for your introduction, getting it created live right in front of the biz owner. Also to put out timely relevant content for just in time live marketing. (capture customer photos/videos and post during happy hour to get others out).

If anyone knows of other similar applications like this please post them. I'd like to find a similar non branded tool, esp for offline marketing to other businesses.

Here are a few videos I did:

Magisto Video | Hot Deals sat/sun warehouse sale! Come and get it!





these are some I did for a candle warehouse sale that did 5 figures a day.

I've found including more people/customers in your videos have much better results. So mix them in. They'll share your video and look for themselves in it posting it to their own FB page. ding ding.

I now have close to 5k organic email list of candle lovers/customers to launch my home party business.
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    how about the rights on the music they use ? potential minefield


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    2 potential legal issues to be aware of here...

    1) Magisto's "terms of use" state that their videos may not be used for commercial purposes (personal use only). There are other similar services that DO allow commercial use though (such as Animoto's "pro" plan). ProShow Producer is another good alternative.

    2) Not sure what the laws are for other countries, but at least in the US, you need signed release forms for any personally identifiable people that appear in any videos/photos that are used for commercial purposes.

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    I've found including more people/customers in your videos have much better results.

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    I was intrigued by the auto edit, are there other similar options?

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