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I am setting up a site for a particular niche of offline businesses.

I am creating a main site, which i want to include a membership area, and a free forum for members.

I am also distributing a free monthly newsletter to members that sign up.

I will also be offering services such as web design, social media, etc.

My question is what theme/software should I go with, I am looking at optimizepress with maybe membermouse.

Your help would be much appreciated.
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    Does anyone have a membership site, and if so could you advise on what theme/membership plugin you use, thanks.

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    I've done sites with wishlist member and also cart66 pro. I would suggest cart66 pro if you plan on selling items on top of the membership.

    Also, it doesn't really matter what theme you use, just make sure it's responsive and has shortcodes to help format content.

    I would suggest using a plugin for shortcodes in case you later change your theme.
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      Originally Posted by club20coaching View Post

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      That is some serious posting you been doing.

      Good way to get that clickbank product seen I guess. hahaha

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        I like flexsqueeze and I have made a lot of sites with that. Its more a framework than a theme. They have a free version called flexibility which works pretty well too.

        I use S2Member plugin from WebSharks as may membership plugin.

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          I use OptimizePress is works good for me.
          It cost but It's will worth it
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    Check out DigitalAccessPass.com (DAP) - it has a built-in cart for accepting payments from a host of payment providers, email autoresponders & broadcasts for sending your newsletters (HTML too), and even an affiliate module if you want others to be able to promote your site for a commission.
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    We built ours from scratch with ASP.NET, using Visual Studio / C# and SQLServer databases. The membership/roles needs to be developed and setup on the database and the application tier must then be built afterwards using the appropriate controls (login, logout, and other elements).

    I will say that we are not just a website though. We are software as a service or software that is Internet-based.
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