Does anyone use flyers for CPA?

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I was wondering does anyone use Does anyone use flyers for CPA?. And if so, is it hard to find CPA companies that allow this. I thank you.
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    I read a CPA ebook that dealt with CPA offers that were education-related. Like for free ipads. The guy supposedly printed flyers and put one on every desk in a lecture hall at a college. It seemed like a great idea, so I wanted to try it. I bought a college-related domain name, but that's as far as I went with it. I didn't sign up for an CPA network. Also, someone said professors don't like it when people advertise in the classroom. I'm still curious about the concept of flyers though. I love offline marketing. I've been offering flyer posting services lately, and I notice people responding to some of my buyers' tear-off flyers.

    I don't know why CPA networks would have a problem with flyers. How would they even know if you use your own domain name on them?
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    I think it would be hard to regulate and be sure that the affiliate is following the rules like not using misleading information such as the word "free" for example, which the advertiser may not allow.

    Also, they could become suspicious if every single one of your leads come from the same city. They may not actually "find out", but they aren't dumb and would be able to tell if you're doing something not allowed. Better off just talking with your manager beforehand to see.

    As a college student, I would be surprised if a student was actually allowed to place CPA flyers on every desk in any classroom, or any part of the school for that matter without permission. They're usually very strict about that.
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    The other thing that I have given some thought to is the legal issues that may arise by passing out flyers. Say if a town had a ordinance against soliciting. Could this be labeled soliciting?
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    TALK TO YOUR AFFLIATE MANAGER AND I AM SURE YOU CAN WORK OUT A PLAN TO DO OFFLINE STUFF. make sure they know alot of your emails will be coming from the same ip address.
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    Using flyer for CPA is good concept, i will try it
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    It's good to use flyers but I recommend having others pay for the distribution of the flyers!
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    Flyer is good offline marketing strategies. Flyer help to improve the conversion rate also.
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    Originally Posted by frankwyatt77777 View Post

    I was wondering does anyone use Does anyone use flyers for CPA?. And if so, is it hard to find CPA companies that allow this. I thank you.
    Flyers can certainly work. It's not about the CPA companies allowing this method, its about their advertiser partners who may allow this type of traffic. The best thing you can do is contact your affiliate manager once you have been approved into a CPA network.
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    Check with your cpa netwrok before you make and print your flyers. Some cpa networks like peerfly do not allow this method. It is a solid method though.

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