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I run a small offline business that generates leads online and offline.

Many of these leads are trash for my business as they don't have the "scenario" that I need in order to make a profit with my service.

I'd say 9 out of 10 calls don't work. Instead of tossing the 9 leads into the trash can I have begun asking them a few questions...

The ones that answer yes are qualified candidates to other businesses in my area that provide a service that they need. The more yeses they provide the more times I will sell the lead... never to competing businesses though.

The leads will have name, address, telephone, email address, date & time we talked.

I would like to sell these leads for a fee to them.

What is the easiest way to implement something like this?

I'm flat broke and money isn't available to purchase or implement a costly way, but I would like:

to automate the ability for them to purchase the leads.
to allow the purchaser to be able to select a range of dates they would like to buy

Does anyone here have a similar setup / operation?

Can some of you experts point me in the right direction?
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    It depends on the leads and what market they would benefit from.

    Example, if your doing lead generation for small engine repair services in a loca area then you would want to run your campaign for a week or so then contact the small engine repair companies in your area and show them what you have. Then negotiate a flat monthly fee for exclusive leads or a pay per lead process where they pay say 5-15 dollars per lead, one again completely exclusive.

    Hope that makes sense and helps
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      What you've described is pretty close to what I am planning.

      Each lead that I can't monetize within my business will be resold to 3 - 5 different businesses that could profit off them.

      for example, real estate agent, mortgage broker, home inspector, title company.

      I would like for these businesses to be able to purchase either individual leads, a days worth of leads, weeks worth or a months worth without having to have myself or someone do the collecting and payment processing.

      Are there any sites or services that would allow easy automation of the back end selling of these leads?
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        In the beginning I plan on calling and emailing businesses that could use these leads and accepting payments through paypal, and just emailing the leads.

        Is there a better way to put that on autopilot?
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          You're definitely on to something. If you don't want to talk with the companies initially, I have a suggestion for you that might not sit well with you initially. Go ahead and get the email address of the complementary business using or

          1. Use the Contact form 7 plugin

          2. Create the fields required that makes the lead qualified/valid for their particular business
          *you've referenced this earlier in your post - getting the info unique to each biz type

          3. In the Send To email address field of the contact plugin, put both your email and the other business email. This ensures that you receive a copy too.

          4. In the Contact plugin's Subject Line type: Another Home Improvement Lead From
 or whatever line of work you're in ^^

          5. In the footer of the contact plugin type:

          This is a Complimentary Live lead from . If you would like to continue receiving leads, please visit us at or call us directly at (555) 555-1122

          I know this works because I sold my last 2 lead gen sites this way.

          I sent free leads to two different companies and got responses at the end of 7 days from each of them inquiring what was the next step via voicemail from one company and email from the other asking how much my leads were.

          These were sites I no longer wanted to maintain. One site was a simple local/city test site that got real leads and the other site was a Made for Adsense site that got visits nationwide. I actually ended up selling both of them out right using

          Hopefully this helps.
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    Thanks Mojo!

    That is some very good information!

    How were you handling payment processing ?
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      Originally Posted by floridamarketer View Post

      Thanks Mojo!

      That is some very good information!

      How were you handling payment processing ?

      I went through to sell both websites. There is a small fee but I find it worth the peace of mind. Just inform the buyer that you use a very reputable, company called to handle the payment processing. You should send them a link to Escrow's
      about us page to put them at ease.

      You will need to open an account with It's free and once you do that then go ahead and give Escrow a call to ask any questions you have about their service after you've read all of the information on their site that pertains to your type of transaction.

      These people are the most professional folks I've ever experienced online. They help make sure you get paid and will even make an outbound call or two to your buyer to help keep your sell on track if you need their help to do so.

      All the best!
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    Payment processing for the leads?
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      Originally Posted by floridamarketer View Post

      Payment processing for the leads?
      No, Not the leads. The information I've shared is based on selling my websites as a result of initially sending free leads to targeted prospects that were generated from my lead gen websites. Instead of selling the leads, I sold the entire website in two separate instances.

      I didn't care to be bothered anymore with collecting leads and made a deal to sell both websites instead.

      I've laid everything out in several posts on this thread based on my personal transactions.
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        Take a few minutes and watch the videos for the WSO in my Signature. I think it is exactly what you need, like to the detail you described. If you do this right, maybe you could make more money than you are on your existing business?

        This lets you track them in a campaign, but also indicate interest in products and things like that.. then report the results.

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