Never Starve For Clients Again. Super simple.

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I want to share a very powerful, simple, and profitable
concept with you that will keep you from feast & famine cycles.

It's called "replacing the lead" or just plain old referrals.

Many people tend to leave this out of their sales cycle.
The idea is that if you get one new client on January 1st, 2014....
you can make sure that you're receiving revenue from that
effort on January 2019. This keeps you from starving for work.

The basic idea is that every client that you have will turn
into 1 or more new clients. There are 100 ways to do this.

Here is my favorite method:

I make it a condition of doing business with me.

When a client is ready to start and cut me a check...I tell him
that there's one thing he needs to understand before I can
work with him.

"My competitors spend thousands of dollars and hours each day
on marketing through cold calling, direct mail, PPC, etc.

I don't.

I make sure that my guys and I are spending every
working hour ensuring your campaign's success, not searching
for our next client.

That means we rely mostly on referrals to grow our client base.
Due to this, our marketing overhead is super low, and we have
more time to focus on our customers. Both of us win.

A condition of doing business with me, is for you to introduce us
to businesses similar to yours once you're pleased with the results.
Most clients make 1-2 introductions per month.

Do you think you can do that?"

Implementing a firm referral strategy costs you nothing and can multiply
your income.
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  • that is so good, it's self-evident if we say it we will get more warm leads and more business.

    thanks for the content Maxrezn!
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    Great advice. I use this strategy as well and have taken it a step further. When I work in a specific niche my clients understand that they benefit from resource pooling.

    The deal I offer them is to never work for their competitors and lessons learned from one client benefit the group. Pretty much a mastermind theory. Works well with professionals like dentists, orthodontists, lawyers, specialized doctors etc.. as they already use the mastermind principles and have colleagues that are non compete and that they trust greatly due to long relationships like having gone to school together.

    As an example the group of dentists I represent understand that if 10 of them are paying me monthly instead of just one or two, I can buy more high pr quality sites and pull them into our linking network and I can always have the best software and specialists working on their projects.
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  • Great advice to keep one's client base current and fat. I have always respected and deeply appreciate business associated and clients who grant referrals. It really is a win win concept.

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    I do this as well but instead but I never frame it in reference to how happy they may or may not be with my work. Not that I'm worried they won't be happy, I just don't see any valid reason to wait to ask the for a referral.

    If they are giving me money they are already happy with me.

    So instead I frame it like you did up to that point, and then I ask for the referrals when I get the money.
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      I agree referrals rock, and very few have the balls to ask for them (they usually
      wait... and wait... and wait).

      That said, depending on the type of business one has I don't like shutting down
      my lead generation machine. I hate being dependent upon any one source.
      Small Business Marketing & Branding Specialist
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    Simply a great business practice. Exponential growth from an ever expanding pool of referrals. Great reminder of a proven business anchor. As you so well said, never run out of prospects for your service. And there is nothing more powerful than a warm referral. Thanks.
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