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Some of you may recognise my name from asking a lot of questions a couple months back. I stared a small webdesign business, I got a couple clients and things were going well, but just before Christmas I had surgery taking my appendix out. It was nothing serious and I'm pretty much fully recovered now.

Since surgery I have just been recovering and I moved into my girlfriends in London. Transferring my skills I started applying for jobs in Recruitment. I've had 6 interviews and came close to a job a few times but just missed out to people with more experience. After spending 2 weeks looking for a job with no success I feel like I want to get back to what I was doing before. Seeking businesses and selling websites.

Having not done this for a few weeks I'm going to be pretty rusty. I was going to go back to trying to make 60-90 cold calls a day and work on linkedin in the evening. I'll probably make a couple posts tomorrow regarding my script and process.

But is anyone having any success with linkedin right now? I have a few guides but LinkedIn seems to have changed a fair bit since then.
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