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I recently tried using radio for my improv club.

It was the first time we used it. We advertise
auditions for our performance training program.

Our top source of audition sign-ups was posters followed by radio.
Of those accepted radio produce more student registrations.

We used 30 second spots for five weeks on KFOG.
I'm thinking we'll use more radio next time.

Any hints/tips/thoughts on radio?

We've been using posters and flyers for years.

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    Your planing is exceptional . Today radio is not so popular I think.
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    Good job. I realize an improv club is a real business, but any improv club that can afford a top station like KFOG in a major market is doing well. Kudos.

    That said, for short campaigns it is always better to focus on response than long term branding, which maybe you are doing. Post up the spot and get some cold-hearted criticism, I mean constructive feedback.
    Marketing is not a battle of products. It is a battle of perceptions.
    - Jack Trout
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      Ready to Try Improv? Oakland's Improv Theater, The Pan Theater
      Is having auditions May 11th and May 22nd for their Playground Troupes.

      If you want to play in front of an audience on stage, have fun and meet some
      cool people, come to the auditions. They're a free chance
      to try improv at Pan Theater. You get two free show tickets when you audition and you'll have a ton of fun.

      Go to pantheater.com and click audition to register. See you at the auditions.

      David Alger
      Thumbtack Bugle We Get the Word Out

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