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I just got my first offline client. Its a Dentist with 3 locations. He wants a website and ongoing PPC/FB lead generation.

. I can figure out the technical stuff.
I just wanna get like a questionnaire together for him, so I can kinda get an idea of his brand/business and how i can build this in a way he would like.

When your doing offline work or even regular website SEO/SEM work, what do you ask the client to get this rolling?

I hope this question makes sense.
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    Chances are good that this dentist doesn't know what he would like from an SEO or website perspective - except that he wants new clients at the least cost possible.

    Best thing you can get from him right away is find an irresistible offer he is comfortable with that will bring in new clients without too much cost to the dentist. I have heard that teeth whitening services costs dentists very little to fulfill, and that's probably why you see alot of those types of offers from dentists.

    Another thing you should go over with the dentist is what his lifetime value of ONE of his patients is. Lifetime value is so important to get these types of clients to understand, because it allows you to charge much more for your services as well. If they know that they could make $5K on average from each new person that books that first appointment, he probably won't flinch spending money on PPC and SEO.
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      See my thread ===> here for ready made questionnaire which you can download, which is very
      effective to use once you secure the appointments. I am sure you can easily use and adaptable it.
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    I have a client questionnaire I ask them to complete at initial meeting. I then customize my agreement with terms, clear timelines and expectations, that meet both our needs, then present at a second meeting. After that, I complete the job, send mock ups via email link or PowerPoint and go from there. Hope this helps!
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    thanks people!!! :-)
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