Can you recommend a Special Report writer?

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We are looking for a writer of special reports
that are good enough for the over 50's
public would hand over their email to get it.

Can you recommend somebody?

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    Subject matter?

    Word count?

    Frequency/number of articles?

    Your budget/rate per article?

    . . . the above matters a lot in terms of the quality of writers you attract interest from, and ultimately secure.
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      I just used a 5 star writer from Textbroker and paid 7.2 cents per word. This is my first special report so I don't have the experience to tell you if it is likely to be effective, but I plan on testing it this week.

      Having said that, they followed my instructions/outline correctly and it is written in fluent English with correct grammar. (or at least no glaring mistakes in grammar)

      I have also been trying to source writers on Odesk/Elance and am having a much harder time.
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        Looking for someone who has some real brain power to come up with big ideas.

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    I will suggest you to hire someone from odesk or fiverr. You also can try elance or freelancer to get those expert people.

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      Still looking for a recommendation for a person,
      not where to find one.

      Another words, you've personaly had experience with the person.

      Thanks guys.

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    Ewen, I've done this type of work in the past. Special reports, whitepapers, etc.

    My schedule is packed so I could only do it if the timing was right.

    Otherwise, I had a writer who was great for the right subjects at $70/hr.

    PM me if you want to discuss.
    Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.
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