Radio Ads Recency or Frequency?

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I recently ran a radio ad that seemed to work well.
We got 13 new students for our acting classes.

We are getting ready to try another campaign.

I've found conflicting advice between recency
and frequency advocates.

My understanding so far is that frequency goals
shoot for 2 to 3 exposures per person. So it makes more
sense to concentrate on a single station.

What I've come to understand so far about the frequency camp
is that it is more about reach. You are trying to make the reach
of your advertising as large as possible so more stations are
more important than repeated plays on the same station.

How many spots does it take to get at a result?

Which is more important frequency or recency (reach).

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    I would say both and also one more thing, however a lot depends on the market.

    Lets say for example, You want to reach out to new prospects, you would first want to determine the basic pool of potential consumers.

    If you're selling a product that anyone can use and the product provides an economical solution that many listeners can identify with then a media buy makes sense.

    However if you're reaching out to a subset of consumers, (call it a niche) then you would want to identify the best time that those consumers would be open psychologically to taking action when they "hear" your message on the radio.

    Knowing this you can then design an appropriate radio spot that will invoke more responses.

    It really is all about reaching into the mind of the consumer and convincing them in 30 seconds or less that they should take action.
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    Frequency-loaded radio schedules for big advertisers typically include 3-4 stations each with a frequency of 3.0 or 4.0 within selected dayparts and ONLY the last two weeks of the month.


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